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Utah Full Athlete USA Membership

Utah Full Athlete Membership - Click here to purchase

Utah Full Athlete Membership Year: September 1 through August 31

Cost: $45

Step by step instructions on how to purchase your Utah Full Athlete Membership:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account
  3. Go to profiles and "claim" your old USA profile or if you have not had a USA Card before create a new profile.
  4. You can "claim" all your kids under your profile for example. If I have 3 kids that wrestle you can claim all 3 under your profile as their parent.
  5. After you create or claim all your profiles go to "memberships" to purchase your Utah Full Athlete Membership. 
  6. Follow instructions on the page to purchase your card. When it asks for type of membership you will choose the Utah Full Athlete Membership.
  7. If you have trouble purchasing your card please text or call Jeff Newby at 801-358-4933 and he will help you through the process. 

Utah Full Athlete Membership Valid for: Kids, cadet, junior, F.I.L.A. Junior World, university, senior, veterans’-level competition at all competition levels, and club practices. To enter an USA Wrestling sanctioned event as a competitor you must have a current Utah Full Athlete Membership card. There are no limitations on style, geography, or level of competition. For DVDs, USA Wrestling gear, downloaded video, discounts on wrestling supplies, and more – consider upgrading to USA Wrestling`s High Performance membership.

Membership benefits for the Utah Full Athlete Membership include:

  • Gets you into the local and national events
  • Secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier. There is sports-accident supplemental benefits provided to USA Wrestling members who participate in limited non-sanctioned events. This insurance coverage includes a deductible, co-payment provisions and other conditions of the policy (details will be provided to club administrators); coverage includes practice, participation and even some travel
  • Gets you coaches and officials that have been background checked
  • Has a subsidized travel program for advanced wrestlers
  • A one-year subscription to USA Wrestler Magazine
  • Each member gets email notification for all Utah tournaments, information and announcements
  • Can qualify for National Teams and receive significant financial aid
  • The privilege to compete and take advantage of events, camps, clinics, international exchanges, and club programs
  • You also have access to our Online Broadcasts website located on
  • Can upgrade to the High Performance Membership