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Charter a Club

To charter your wrestling club please follow the steps below (video below shows you how to charter your club as well):

  1. Click here 
  2. Sign in, if you don't have a login then you will need to create one
  3. Go to add new club or renew club
  4. Follow directions and make payment (cost is $100 to charter a club)

If your club is not chartered and an athlete gets hurt he will not be covered so you need to charter your club to make sure your athletes are covered at practice.

All chartered clubs are entitled to an array of benefits including:

  • General Liability Insurance for club volunteers, coaches and organizers
  • Access to support from the USA National Office and USA Wrestling Utah local office
  • Secondary Sports Accident Insurance for Athletes

Being chartered as a USA Wrestling Club also carries with it the following responsibilities:

  • Review of the Club Organizing Guide by the club organizer
  • Compliance with membership rules and insurance requirements
  • Adherence to USA Wrestling's Bylaws, operating rules and policies

All members of a USA Wrestling chartered club must be individual members of USA Wrestling. USA Wrestling has three categories of individual membership;

  • Athlete, coach and official

This information is provided as a reference, and it is not intended to be a detailed description of insurance coverage, membership benefits, or the rules regulating these matters. For answers to specific questions or for help in organizing your club contact USA Wrestling's department of state services.