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US Marine Corps 16U & Junior Nationals

2023 16U & Junior Nationals

Fargo, North Dakota

July ???, 2023

16U and Junior Nationals are for any wrestler in the 16U and Junior Divisions

Any questions regarding the 2023 16U and Junior Nationals please contact Jeff Newby via email at

How much does it cost?

Team Utah will be taking a bus to Fargo but will be limiting to 30 wrestlers on a first come first serve basis. If you are not on the bus travel is on your own. If you are traveling on your own we do encourage you to stay at the team hotel. You can stay with your parents at the hotel or with Team Utah. If they are staying with the team, we will have 4 kids per room.

If you are traveling with parents and staying with parents, you only have to worry about the entry fee and coaches fee. If you are traveling on your own and need a hotel room. You will have to pay the hotel fee, entry fee and coaches fee. 

  • Hotels: $225 (if they stay with parents the cost is $0)
  • Non-Refundable Coaches fee: $150 (this money will go to the coach of that club if they attend to help pay for their travel, food etc., if the club coach doesn't attend it will go towards funding coaches to attend)- All Athletes will pay this fee
  • Entry fee: $65 per style- All Athletes will pay this fee
  • Gear: All must have Team Utah singlets but all other gear is optional
  • Camp: We strongly encourage all to participate in Fargo Camp. The cost is $100 for those that are attending Fargo.
  • Fargo Bus: if you wanting to ride the bus with the team. It will be $325. 

Those that are traveling on their own, if they need picked up at the airport need to contact Jeff Newby ( and we can arrange for pick up and drop off. Jeff Newby will be available to pick up wrestlers from the airport starting on Thursday, July ??? (anytime).

Non-refundable deposits of $150 are due by May 1st at midnight to secure your spot. This will go towards your club coach to help offset costs. If they are not attending, it will go towards helping other coaches offset their costs. THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE.

The National Team gear is optional but you must have Team Utah singlets (see below for an approved list of singlets), club singlets will not work, must have Team Utah singlets. To purchase the gear go to: 

You can earn your way by working during the spring season, to see the credits you can earn please go to:

2023 Fargo Information

Items to do:

  • Make your deposit payment by May 1st 2023
  • Make all payments by July 5th
  • Fill out the medical waiver and code of conduct and bring to Fargo Camp in July 

Fargo Hotel Information- C'Mon Inn Fargo 4338 20th Ave S Fargo, ND

Hotel Phone #- 701-277-9944

All wrestlers need to bring money to Fargo for food. Food is on your own. All gear is to be picked up at Fargo Camp. If you can not attend Fargo Camp you need to have someone pick up your gear for you. 

Venue of wrestling

  • FargoDome: 1800 University Drive North, Fargo, ND

Weigh in information

  • All wrestlers must make scratch weight for both styles. Freestyle has 2 weigh ins with a 2 pound allowance the second weigh in. Greco only has 1 weigh in.

2023 Fargo Tournament Schedule

Coach Rauser's Flight Information


Athletes: How do I qualify

To qualify you need to participate in the 2023 Utah Freestyle and Greco State Tournament in April. The top 4 finishers are guaranteed a spot on Team Utah. You must contact Jeff Newby by email ( if you don't place and want to attend.

All those wrestlers that attend Fargo are expected to attend Fargo Camp.

If you are not able to attend the Utah Freestyle & Greco State Tournament, you can still attend Fargo if there is a spot open. All those wanting to attend Fargo but couldn't attend State must get their deposits in on time and we will let them know if there is a spot open or not.  All those that participated in state (regardless of place) will have priority over the wrestler that didn't attend for a spot going to Fargo. 

Coaches: How do I qualify

If a coach wants to attend Fargo they must complete the below items prior to Fargo. You must also communicate with Jeff Newby that you are attending so he can add you to the coaches list.


  1. Bronze coaches certification
  2. Current USA Wrestling Leadership Card

Fargo Camp: July ??? 2023

This camp is a training camp for all those attending the Nationals in July. We welcome others that would like to participate and workout with the best in Utah. During this camp we will be working strictly on Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. There will be absolutely no Folkstyle wrestled. This camp is not meant to get the wrestlers in shape. It’s meant to fine tune their skills and prepare for nationals. So, make sure that you’re in shape and ready for camp.

The camp this year will be held at UVU in Orem, UT. We will not have kids stay the night at camp, so you will need to commute to camp each day. You can get a hotel or stay at someone’s house if you want, but that’s up to you. We will provide lunch on the first and second day of camp. The third day will just be a little snack because it will be a shorter day. Down below you can find the schedule and registration for camp.

Date: July ???

Ages: wrestlers born in 2007 and older only

Where: UVU

Cap: 100 participants

Cost: $100 for kids attending Fargo.

             $150 for kids not attending Fargo.


For questions please contact Jeff Newby at


The weight that you wrestle at state will be the weight that you qualify to compete in at Fargo.  If you want to change weight classes or divisions for Fargo there must be a spot available (all those that wrestled the weight at state will have priority over those wanting to change weights). Those that participated in state will have priority over those that did not participate in state due to injury or other reasons. 

If there are multiple kids wanting to move to a certain weight and they all requested the weight change before May 1st here is the criteria on who gets the spot (if weight changes are requested after May 1st it is a first come first serve):

1. If they were in the same weight at state then whoever placed higher at state will have priority

2. If they were different weights at state but one is a returning Fargo All American then that wrestler will get priority.

3. If they were different weights at state and no one was a Fargo All American the previous year then we will schedule a wrestle off for that spot.

Approved Team Utah Fargo Singlets for 2023

2022 Team Utah Singlet- Preferred singlet

2022 Fargo Team Utah Singlet- Preferred Singlet