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Team Utah Technique & Training

Technique and tips from the best in Utah, the Nation and the World!

In an effort to help coaches and wrestlers in Utah excel, USA Wrestling Utah and presents the Team Utah Coaches Corner,  A place where Utah can go to learn.  

Les Gutches Greco Techniques for Folkstyle Wrestlers

Les Gutches, Olympian, World Champion, World Medalist and 2X NCAA Champion shows some Greco Roman techniques that helped him in Folkstyle.  

Ben Kjar "The Front Headlock"

UVU All American Ben Kjar, a coach at Utah United, shows the finer points of the front Headlock position.  

Bill Zadick on Recovering Position.

National Team Coach, 2008 Freestyle World Champion, 1996 NCAA Champion and 2X All-American Bill Zadick Covers recovering from a bad position when in on a leg attack.  There are 11 videos in this series all in a playlist.  Don't miss any of them.