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2018 Spring Official's Program

We have two official's programs available for the 2018 spring season starting the end of February. Below are outlined the two programs. 

The first program (on the left side) is called the National Team Credit program or NTC and is designed to give the youth & adults an opportunity to officiate for National Team credits. These credits must be used for either, Schoolboy, Cadet or Junior Duals or the Cadet & Junior Nationals in Fargo. 

The second program (right side) is called the Officials Compensation Program or the OCP and is designed to give adults the opportunity to officiate and earn money. 

Make sure to sign up to officiate at the tournaments at the red link below

Freestyle and Greco rule videos

National Team Credit Program (NTC)

Each week athletes & parents have the opportunity to earn National Team credits that will go towards Schoolboy Duals, Cadet Duals, Junior Duals and Fargo. Below are the steps to earn credits:

  1. Purchase a High Performance Athlete Membership or an Official’s Card. You must have this before your credits will count. If you do not have your card by April 1st you will lose all previous credits to that point. 
  2. Sign up online for the tournaments that you will be officiating: Sign up at: ‚Äč
  3. Make sure you are at the Official’s Meeting each day you will be officiating
  4. Officiate all the matches you are able to

Each match you officiate will earn you $1 towards your National Team experience. Parents or other athletes can donate their points at the end of the year to whoever they would like. You need to make sure to purchase your High Performance or Official's card before April 1st or your points will not count that were accumulated before that. Once you have your Official's card or High Performance Card then your credits will begin to count. 

It is a requirement to sign up online to officiate at the Utah Greco & Freestyle State Tournament. Only those that register online will have the opportunity to officiate at this tournament and earn credits. 

Spring Officials Compensation Plan (OCP)

Payment: $12/hour

  • Must have graduated High School. If you are 18 and have not graduated from high school you may still officiate for money but will receive $10/hour.

  • Must have USA Wrestling Official's Card
  • Must attend Official's Clinic
  • Must sign in at the Official's clinic before each tournament
  • Must sign out with Head Official before you leave
  • Must sign up online (link posted above)
  • Must use 1 man mechanics throughout the entire tournament (unless directed otherwise by tournament director or head official)
  • Must officiate a minimum of 3 hours on Saturday to get paid for Saturday and must officiate the full day on Friday to receive payment for Friday. 
    • Example: can't officiate for 1 hour and get paid for that 1 hour
  • Must attend the officials training session before season begins
    • we will offer multiple locations for these
  • You can leave to watch/coach your own boy but must keep your mat moving the whole time
  • M2 and above will receive an extra $10 per tournament as long as they officiated 4 hours at that tournament

Questions about either program can be directed to Jeff Newby (801.358.4933), or Dwayne Henry (801.403.5774).

Regional/National Travel Reimbursement Plan

Officials can receive a $200 travel reimbursement for regional/national events but must meet the following criteria:

Utah Official (not graduated from high school)

  • Must have officiated 200 matches locally (state tournament does not count towards the 200 matches) for each regional or national event to be eligible for the reimbursement. For example if you officiate at two regional/national events you must have officiated at least 400 local matches. 
  • Must have officiated at the State Freestyle and Greco Tournament to be eligible for the $200 stipend
  • If you only do one of the above items you can be eligible to receive a $100 reimbursement

Utah State Official (graduated from High School)

  • Must officiate in 1 local event (3 styles) for each regional or national event
  • Must officiate at the State Greco and Freestyle Tournament (exceptions must be approved through the Executive Committee)