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Top 10 Incoming Freshman of 2019-2020

By, 10/04/19, 8:30AM MDT


Each year we compile a list of some of the top incoming freshman, wrestlers to watch for that will make an impact on the high school level right away. This list is difficult because it does put the bigger kids at the disadvantage and the lighter kids at the advantage since your heavier kids will be wrestling mature seniors where your lighter kids will be facing more underclassman. 

Last year's top 10 incoming freshman produced some great results on the high school level. Of the 10 wrestlers listed 5 of them won state titles and will be working towards collecting another 3 state titles. Those were #2 Bridger Ricks, #3 Drew Lang, #5 Lukus Carrillo, #8 Channing Warner and #10 Gabe Sanders. The other five on the list ended up with State placer honors in #1 Dillon Dick (5th), #4 Josh Millward (2nd), #6 Will Korth (2nd), #7 Andrew Jensen (3rd), & #9 Jordan Davies (4th)

Another thing of note is that for the past seven years we have done this the #1 ranked wrestler has come out a state champion 6 of those 7 years and 5 out of 7 years the #2 wrestler has also won a state title.

This year's group isn't as deep as year's past. We also have a few bigger kids on the list but looking at their respective weight classes we feel they can make an immediate impact and place high at state. A few kids that didn't make the list but are right there are Andrew Fox, Ethan Boulton, Ryker Brann and Austin Richens. Fox is a little small still for 106 which is why he missed out, if he's 5 pounds bigger he makes the list and is a contender. Boulton looks very good at Fall League but weighs 125lbs, if he makes it down to 113 then I might regret leaving him off this list. Brann had a good off season with a win over Carson in Freestyle so he is very capable of competing for a state title in the 6A, with Hunsaker at 106, it'll be a tall task for Brann and Carson though. Austin Richens looks to come in at 126lbs and will be solid but if he makes this weight he could have a couple tough roadblocks in his path. In the end we put the top 10 kids we felt with all things considered; classification, weight class and past results in this ranking and hope that some that got left out prove us wrong!


#1 Kyison Garcia

School: Mountain Ridge

Projected weight class: 106

Kyison has some of the best technique in all of Utah at all levels and has proven that on a national level. He went undefeated at the 16U National Duals and was a double All American at Fargo. Coming in at 106lbs the biggest concern is his size. If he continues to put on weight and is a decent size 106 pounder he will contend to be the top 106 pounder in the state. 

#2 Dayson Torgerson

School: Richfield High School

Projected weight class: 106lbs

Dayson will be  big 106lber and could cause trouble for many others at this weight. He turned it on last year winning titles at the Battle Royale, Beehive Brawl, Junior High State and Youth Super State as well as a win at the All Stars over Cooper Sanders. 

#3 Cooper Sanders

School: Mountain Crest

Projected weight class: 113/120lbs

Cooper decided to do opposite what most kids do and he jumped forward in grade going from 7th grade to 9th grade. Even with that he is one of the top wrestlers coming in and will compete for a state title right away. The Mustangs continue to produce solid teams and Cooper will be a key piece to their team. 

#4 Hagen Mayer

School: Beaver

Projected weight: 106lbs

Beaver is always a solid team and with their youth program continuing to improve with great numbers this program is on the rise. Hagen is one that will come in and make an immediate impact  for them. Hagen is our top 2A 106lber in the state so we will see if he can keep that spot throughout the season. 

#5 Jacob Carson

School: Pleasant Grove

Projected weight class: 106lbs

Pleasant Grove will be in the thick of a state title run come February and Carson may put them over the top. Coming in as a small 106lber will possibly hurt him but word is he is over 100 pounds which will help. Jacob has always had the talent so this year he will be able to put it to the test against some older competition. 

#6 Keagan Boyce

School: Desert Hills High School

Projected weight: 132lbs

Boyce projects at 132lbs and statewide is a very difficult weight class. In the 4A though it looks like it could be pretty wide open which helps Keagan. I think Keagan will place high at state and be a contender come February. 

#7 Will Harmon

School: Juab High School

Projected weight: 152

152 pounds isn't an easy weight class to come into as a freshman but Will will be ready for the task. Juab will be competing for a state title and they will rely heavily on a couple freshman with Will being one. I expect to see Will in the state finals in the 3A division at 152lbs. 

#8 Riggin Boger

School: Altamont High School

Projected weight: 138lbs

The biggest question is where does Riggin fit in at Altamont? I have him listed at 138lbs but I can see him anywhere from 138 to 152 depending on what is best for their line up. Possibly the toughest opponent in the 2A for Riggin will come in his own room which will only make him tougher and ready to compete at the state tournament. 

#9 Chase Ingram

School: Juab

Projected weight class: 145lbs

The second freshman Juab will rely on will come at 145lbs in Chase Ingram. Just like Will I expect him to compete for a state title in the 3A division. Chase is tough and will continue to grow and get better as the season wears on. 

#10 Mahkyi Smith

School: Skyridge High School

Projected weight class: 145lbs

Mahkyi is a tough kid and at a weight I think he can compete at in the 6A. He comes in at number 10 and will have a great partner in Cowan to push him throughout the season.