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Dollamur High School All-Star Matches Released

By, 01/09/20, 8:00PM MST


This year's Dollamur High School All-Star dual will begin at 6:30pm at the UCCU Center on UVU campus on January 14th. Before the High School begins we will have Junior High All-Star matches that will begin at 5pm. This event is a fundraiser for the UVU wrestling team. Admission to the event is $10 with 4 and under free. 

We have a lot of fun match ups for this years event for both Junior High and High School. These wrestlers will battle it out and try to be some of the best in Utah in their weight classes. Come help support these wrestlers and watch some tough wrestling. 

The night will be packed with non stop action from start to finish, don't be late and don't leave early or you will miss some great wrestling!

Junior High matches: starts at 5pm (in order)

Center Mat

  1. (85) Dillon Ivie (Longhorn) vs. Layne Kleimann (Team Prestige)
  2. (96) Brayden Robison (Westlake) vs. Jason Worthley (Sanderson)
  3. (137) Sam Rasmussen (Millard) vs. Hixon Canto (Champions)
  4. (122) Ashley Wilcox (Victory) vs. Celeste Detoles (Champions)
  5. (115) Colton Theobald (Champions/Payson) vs. Michael Alexander (Uintah)
  6. (85) Winner of Ivie/Kleimann vs. Winner of Paris/Kelley
  7. (96) Winner of Robison/Worthley vs. Winner of Korth/Lemons

South Mat

  1. (85) Austin Paris (Champions) vs. Tege Kelley (American Fork)
  2. (96) Drew Korth (Sanderson) vs. Jace Lemons (Sanderson)
  3. (82) Korbin Chuchran (Westlake) vs. Porter Olson (Spanish Fork)
  4. (101) Brooklyn Pace (Champions) vs. Madison Sherman (SOA)
  5. (170) Landen Shurtleff (Champions/Payson) vs. Jay Cash Henderson (Sanderson)
  6. (145) Cayaen Smith (SOA) vs. Trevyn Gates (Pleasant Grove)
  7. (130) Hotaia Valeti (Champions) vs. Fe Alohra Speredon (Northern Utah Girls)

High School matches: Starts at 6:30pm (in order)

North Mat

  1. (145) Ryker Boyce (4A) vs Carson Sheets (1A/2A)
  2. (132) Lizzie Shunn (Westlake) vs. Trinity Speredon (Northridge)
  3. (152) Cade Bowring (3A) vs Marcus Espinoza-Owens (5A)
  4. (160) Cort Raddon (WC) vs Canyon Brann (6A)
  5. (170) Tucker Naccarato (5a) vs John Witaker (WC)
  6. (182) Brayden Guthrie (4A) vs Rylan Watts (3A)
  7. (195) Hunter Schroeder (4a) vs Ryker Blackburn (3A)
  8. (220) Hunter Larsen (4A) vs Sau Tafisi (WC)
  9. (138) Mia May (West) vs. Miracle Fontana (Corner Canyon)
  10. (285) Kellen Collier (5A) vs Jeshua Koch (4A) 
  11. (106) Dayson Torgerson (3A) vs Dallan Hunsaker (6A)
  12. (113) Raiden Harrison (4A) vs Bowdy Larsen (1A/2A)
  13. (120) Cole Huber (4A) vs Ethan Clayburn (1A/2A)
  14. (126) Brady Merkley (4A) vs Wyatt Hone (5A)
  15. (132)Brian Evans (1A/2A) vs. Dillon Dick (4A)
  16. (138) Sammy Heywood (5A) vs Gabe Sanders (4A)

Center Mat

  1. (145) Stockton O'Brien (5A) vs August Harrison (WC)
  2. (113) Arleth Antonio (Granger) vs. Alyssa Pace (Copper Hills)
  3. (152) Josh Armstrong (4A) vs Dean Thompson (1A/2A)
  4. (160) Jeremy Evans (5A) vs Clayton Warr (4A)
  5. (170) Jake Richardson (6A) vs Tyler Scheurn (1A/2A)
  6. (182) Lucas Cochran (5A) vs Mason Christiansen (6A)
  7. (195) Elijah Kratzer (5A) vs Jake Jackson (3A)
  8. (220) Anthony Stockwell (6A) vs MacIntyre Thacker (1A/2A)
  9. (220) Kathleen Janis (Layton) vs. Grace Montierth (Ridgeline)
  10. (285) James Tomasi (WC) vs. Weston Warr (6A)
  11. (106) Kyson Garcia (WC) vs Trenton Ward (4A
  12. (113) Quade Smith (6A) vs Bridger Ricks (5A)
  13. (120) Cole Jensen (5A) vs  Joseph Mecham (WC)
  14. (126) Jarett Jorgensen (3A) vs. Jacob Finlinson (6A)
  15. (132) River Wardle (5A) vs Mason Denton (6A)
  16. (113) Sage Mortimer (ALA) vs. winner of 113lbs
  17. (138) Tyson Humpherys (6A) vs. Channing Warner (3A)

South Mat

  1. (145) Oakley Ridge (6A) vs Chase Ingram (3A)
  2. (120) Tessa Campbell (Canyon View) vs. Taci Tapia (Carbon)
  3. (152) Josh Rassi (6A) vs Austin Gillette (WC)
  4. (160) Tanner Tsingine (1A/2A) vs Will Harmon (3A)
  5. (170) Tate Willoughby (3A) vs Maverick Skinner (4A)
  6. (182) Danny Garcia (1A/2A) vs Christian Smoot (WC)
  7. (195) Kadin Shin (WC) vs Kolton Kammeyer (6A)
  8. (220) Cael Richardson (5A) vs Blake Mangelson (3A)
  9. (160) Abi Archibald (Maple Mountain) vs. Sarah Plucker (Westlake)
  10. (285) Daniel Ayala (1A/2A) vs Kemmer Jones (3A)
  11. (106) Colin Sierer (5A) vs Tristan Smith (1A / 2A)
  12. (113) Brock Morris (WC) vs. Will Korth (3A)
  13. (120) Marco Herrera (6A) vs Waylen Pentz (3A)
  14. (126) Tezlin Winn (1A/2A) vs Deklan Kelley (WC)
  15. (132) Connor Ingram (3A) vs. Drew Lang (WC)
  16. (138) Ryker Pentz (1A/2A) vs Hadley Cowan (WC)