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Dollamur Boys Junior High All Star line ups

By, 01/01/20, 12:01AM MST


This year's Dollamur Utah All-Star dual will feature a full slate of  Junior High All-Star matches starting at 5pm at the UCCU Center on UVU campus on January 14th, 2020. These matches were selected by committee. The majority of the wrestlers in the Junior High All Stars are in 7th and 8th grade but 6th graders are allowed if the committee feels they are deserving. As a 6th grader it is difficult to get selected but last year we saw three get in with Michael Alexander, Dillon Ivie and Layne Kleimann. This year we had one 6th grader in the mix in Austin Paris and all others are 7th or 8th grade.

This year we will continue with a few "mini" brackets as we did last year. This adds some excitement to see the top wrestlers going head to head to be #1. 

See below for those that have been selected to participate in this great event!

All wrestlers selected must fill out a bio by January 1st at 5pm at:

  1. 82lbs: Korbin Chuchran (Westlake) vs. Porter Olson (Spanish Fork)
  2. 85lbs: Austin Paris (Champions) vs. Tege Kelley (American Fork)
  3. 85lbs: Dillon Ivie (Longhorn) vs. Layne Kleimann (Team Prestige)
  4. 96lbs: Brayden Robison (Westlake) vs. Jason Worthley (Sanderson)
  5. 96lbs: Drew Korth (Sanderson) vs. Jace Lemons (Sanderson)
  6. 115lbs: Colton Theobald (Champions) vs. Michael Alexander (Uintah)
  7. 137lbs: Sam Rasmussen (Millard) vs. Hixon Canto (Champions)
  8. 145lbs: Cayaen Smith (Sons of Atlas) vs. Trevyn Gates (Pleasant Grove)
  9. 170lbs: Landen Shurtleff (Champions) vs. Jay Cash Henderson (Sanderson)
  10. 85lbs: Winner of 85lbs vs. Winner of 85lbs
  11. 96lbs: Winner of 96lbs vs. Winner of 96lbs