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Ashton Seely

By, 09/30/16, 8:30PM MDT


Juab Wrestling

Ashton Seely has been named "Athlete of the Week" for October 3rd, 2016.

Ashton is a 3-time State Champion Wrestler from Juab. He earned All-American status in freestyle wrestling at 2016 at Fargo, yet his passion for athletics reaches far beyond wrestling.  Ashton is a two-time All-State football player, in two different positions: defensive linebacker and offensive line.

Ashton's biggest strength as an athlete and as an individual, would be his fierce loyal and dedication. Ashton is always willing to sacrifice for others on his team.  He will never let you down. A great example of this was his willingness to wrestle heavyweight at the Junior Duals.

Ashton is a compassionate person. He has a beautiful younger sister with mental disabilities who he always makes time for. He will spend talking with her on her level and takes her to do things to make her feel special. Because of Addie, Ashton has developed a special place in his heart for the Underdog—the person who is overlooked or excluded. Ashton tries to include everyone and finds a way for even those with disabilities (or different abilities) to be a part of something good. He cares more about PEOPLE than about what people think of Him. At one point the day after he won a state title in wrestling, he tried out for the cheer and stunt team, which has opened the door for his younger sister to have a special spot on the team, when she never would have had the chance to be a part of the cheer squad otherwise. 

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