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Izaya Valdez

By, 10/07/15, 9:00AM MDT


West Lake High School

Izaya Valdez has been named "Athlete of the Week" for October 5th, 2015.

Izaya Valdez is in the 9th grade and Wrestles for Westlake Highschool. He is 14 and started wrestling about 2 years ago. Izaya has made amazing progress and everyone has really enjoyed watching him take such strides. He has achieved and accomplished many of his goals that he’s set as a wrestler. 

Thanks to all of his coaches, Mom & Dad, and our wonderful neighbors, Izaya has had some significant wins. He placed his first, first place at the Beehive Brawl, a national tournament.  Also placed first place in the Alpine District tournament, and placed 4th this past year at Northern State.

Izaya was able to join the National School Boy Team Utah and travel to Indianapolis. He also went to Jrob in Minnesota and completed the 28 day intensive camp, this past summer. 

When Izaya is not on the mat he enjoys spending time with his family, skateboarding, snowboarding, camping, fishing and hiking in Moab. Izaya has two younger sisters that he looks over and protects, and is a great role model for them.

Izaya is a great friend and will do anything to help his fellow wrestlers, both on and off the mat.

Izaya has so much heart for wrestling and has put in a lot of hard work. He has practice 5 days a week and still maintains his grades. He has a great support system from all who watch him and we are excited to see where the road takes him this year and beyond!

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