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By, 01/19/21, 7:00PM MST


Updated: 01.19.2021

These rankings are some of the hardest to do, but also some of my favorite.  They are based almost exclusively on this season, so if your reason for a higher rank is last year then sorry.  This is where I see each weight right now if a tournament was held tomorrow of all the wrestlers in the state.  I might be wrong in places, feel free to tell me where.  have evidence and formulated a reasoned argument and we can talk about it.  Note, once it gets down to #9 and #10 there are a lot of guys who have beaten each other, so I tried to find the best but there is debate there.  Let's hear it.  Aslo results are hard to find so tell your coach to get it on Track and let me know what I missed.  

Remember this is for fun.  


  1. Brayden Robinson (Westlake)
  2. Dierk Skewes (Duchesne
  3. Camden Moat (Millard)
  4. Jace Lemons (Layton)
  5. Kole Johnson (Grantsville)
  6. Landon Moralez (Grand)
  7. Parker Hansen (Tooele)
  8. Rowdy Petersen (Juab)
  9. Andrew Fox (ALA)
  10. Aaron Garcia (Payson)


  1. Bridger Ricks (Box Elder)
  2. Quade Smith (Layton)
  3. Clayson Mele (Uintah)
  4. Dallan Hunsaker (American Fork)
  5. Blake Woolsey (Morgan)
  6. Heath Clyde (Wasatch)
  7. Ethan Boulton (Payson)
  8. Izrael Gonzales (PG)
  9. Colton Theobald (Payson)
  10. Ethan Crittenden (N. Summit)


  1. Drew Lang (West)
  2. Brady Merkley (Uintah)
  3. Jacob Finlinson (Westlake_
  4. Deegan Palmer (Payson)
  5. Waylen Pentz (Morgan)
  6. Ryder Robinson (Wasatch)
  7. Cooper Sanders (MC)
  8. Ryan Bullough (Payson)
  9. Cam Ford (Payson)
  10. Karson Rees (Viewmont)


  1. Gabe Sanders (Mt. Crest)
  2. Josh Millward (Skyridge)
  3. Jaxon Morlan (Duchesne)
  4. Conway Christensen (Murray
  5. Jackson Visser (Pleasant Grove)
  6. Kaden Olson (Riverton)
  7. Chase Ingram (Juab)
  8. Keagan Boyce (Desert Hills)
  9. Noah Roylance (Wasatch)
  10. Jacob Richards (Box Elder)


  1. Riggin Boger (Altamont)
  2. Marcus Espinoza-Owens (VM)
  3. Cael Wilcox (Bear River)
  4. Landen Shurtleff (Payson)
  5. Jordan Faifai (Syracuse)
  6. Brock Guthrie (Mountain Crest)
  7. Mahkyi Smith (Skyridge)
  8. Jaden Stange (Mountain Ridge)
  9. Park Beeler (Granger)
  10. Dawson Wood (Salem Hills)


  1. Radi Stafford (Mountain View)
  2. Christian Smoot (Woods Cross)
  3. Hayes Dalton (Emery)
  4. Andrew Jensen (Maple Mountain)
  5. Ted Johnson (Pleasant Grove)
  6. Tate Willoughby (Delta)
  7. William Price (Uintah)
  8. Walker Hutchinson (MC)
  9. Ptallan Takis (ridgeline)
  10. Jed Degraffenreid (Millard)


  1. Cash Robb (Altamont)
  2. MacIntyre Thacker (Altamont)
  3. Sau Tafisi (East)
  4. Elijah Stafford (Mountain View)
  5. Cael Richardson (Timpview)
  6. Stone Combs (Park City)
  7. Gage Howard (Uintah)
  8. Breyden Jorgensen (Timpanogos)
  9. Zech DeHerrera (Millard)
  10. Dylan Bartlett (Beaver)


  1. Jacob Carson (Pleasant Grove)
  2. Kyison Garcia (Mt. Ridge)
  3. Dayson Torgerson (Richfield)
  4. Kaden Ercanbrack (Juab)
  5. Easton Evans (Mountain Crest)
  6. Trenton Ward (Bear River)
  7. Gatlen Farnsworth (Altamont)
  8. Tyler Vivanco (Corner Canyon)m
  9. Ryker Brann (Layton)
  10. Nathaniel Fordham (Desert Hills)


  1. Denim Torgerson (Richfield)
  2. Will Korth (Morgan)
  3. Layne Shepherd (Payson)
  4. Byron Christiansen (Emery)
  5. Russell Evans (Beaver)
  6. Cole Huber (Uintah)
  7. Elijah Larsen (Mountain Crest)
  8. Austin Kelly (Wasatch)
  9. Brock Morris (Maple Mountain)
  10. Bronson Richins (North Summit)


  1. Alex Emmer (PG)
  2. River Wardle (Wasatch)
  3. Channing Warner (Juab)
  4. Brian Evans (Beaver)
  5. Lukus Carrillo (ALA)
  6. Terrell Lee (Mountain Crest)
  7. Kaleb Sanchez (Duchesne)
  8. Mason Morris (Green Canyon)
  9. Tristyn Dennett (Hurricane)
  10. Colton Erickson (WX )


  1. Dillon Dick (11) Uintah
  2. Josh Armstrong (Hurricane)
  3. Zeke Kelley (Pleasant Grove)
  4. Maclaine Percival (Davis)
  5. Rylan Stevens (Mt. Ridge)
  6. Bryar Meccariello (Emery)
  7. Alex Hendrix (Wasatch)
  8. Sam May (Farmington)
  9. Moses Espinoza-Owens (Viewmont)
  10. Jax Coburn (Piute)


  1. Kam Moss (Corner Canyon)
  2. Will Harmon (Juab)
  3. Mark Rausch (Mountain Ridge)
  4. Caleb Marx (Box Elder)
  5. Landon Cabral (Bear River)
  6. Cael Smith (Mt Crest)
  7. Tanner Belinski (Morgan)
  8. Alex Zesiger (Viewmont)
  9. Reilly Knable (Roy)
  10. Cayaen Smith (Skyridge)


  1. Lucas Cochran (Box Elder)
  2. Talmage Carman (Herriman0
  3. Danny Garcia (Millard)
  4. Justyn Mitchell (ALA)
  5. Conner Morris (Timpview)
  6. Carson Hansen (Snow Canyon)
  7. Mason Hulme (Wasatch)
  8. Walker Hutchinson (Mountain Crest)
  9. Jett Swain (Uintah)
  10. Tate Christiansen (Payson)


  1. Kellen Collier (Box Elder)
  2. Jason Ponuisa (Crimson Cliffs)
  3. Shan Jackson (Juab)
  4. Kyler Boren (Beaver)
  5. Kort Wilkinson (PG)
  6. Chris Esparza (MV)
  7. Wyatt Dawe (PG)
  8. Peyton Williams (DH)
  9. Garrett Herzog (Green Canyon)
  10. Ian Briskey (Weber)

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