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Preseason PowerPoll 160-285

By, 05/19/20, 10:00AM MDT


Updated: 5.19.20

We will be releasing a couple weights at a time so make sure to check back and give us your thoughts and opinions but please be respectful in what you comment. 


  1. Joshua Armstrong (Sr.) Hurricane
  2. Kam Moss (Sr.) Corner Canyon
  3. Marcus Espinoza-Owens (So.) Viewmont
  4. Chase Ingram (So.) Juab
  5. Mahkyi Smith (So.) Skyridge
  6. Cort Radden (Sr.) Beaver
  7. Jaden Stange (Sr.) Mountain Ridge
  8. Landen Shurtleff (Fr.) Payson
  9. Easton Richins (Sr.) Altamont
  10. Brice Clegg (Sr.) South Summit

160 pounds has some young studs and will be fun to watch these wrestlers all battle it out! Espinoza-Owens is getting better fast and will be fun to see if he can improve enough to claim the top spot this year or if he is still a year or two away. Ingram, Smith, and Shurtleff are all going to be in the mix this year also.  For now Armstrong is on top and not sure if anyone will defeat him and take that spot this year but I don't rule it out. Moss will be solid as always and Radden will look to be the top guy in 2A. Shurtleff is a tough one to rank, coming in as a freshman at a high weight is always tough but I do think Shurtleff will have a great freshman season. He has Stange and Espinoza-Owens in his patch for a state title but don't rule him out as he is one of the best youth coming into high school.


  1. Andrew Jensen (Jr.) Maple Mountain - 5A
  2. Christian Smoot (Sr.) Woods Cross - 5A
  3. Brock Guthrie (Jr.) Mt. Crest - 4A
  4. Elijah Stafford (Sr.) Mt. View - 5A
  5. Gabe Barraza (Sr.) Alta - 5A
  6. Connor Morris (Sr.) Timpview - 5A
  7. Braxton Monroe (Sr.) Payson - 5A
  8. Ted Johnson (Sr.) Pleasant Grove - 6A
  9. Jed DeGraffenreid (Sr.) Millard - 2A
  10. Jacob Kashiwaeda (Sr.) Weber - 6A

This weight will be challenged a little more than 195 as we have Jensen #1 and Smoot at #2 to start but Guthrie and Stafford could end up in the mix by the end of the season. Smoot progressed a lot last year and if he makes a similar jump could be tough to beat. I can't wait to see a Jensen vs. Smoot battle if they both end up here. Guthrie & Jensen were only sophomores so it is likely they both make a jump this year. 5A owns this weight as you have 6 of the top 10 from this division!! Monroe from Payson at #7 has a bunch of quality wins with wins over Morris, Kashiwaeda, Stafford and Johnson but stumbled at state which is why he is #7 and not higher. I would expect Monroe to move up and not stay #6 for long. Kashiwaeda split with Johnson last year but lost to him at state so he stays behind Johnson.  


  1. MacIntyre Thacker (Sr.) Altamont - 2A
  2. Sau Tafisi (Jr.) East - 5A
  3. Cael Richardson (Jr.) Timpview - 5A
  4. Shan Jackson (Sr.) Juab - 3A
  5. Dawson Bundy (So.) Desert Hills - 4A
  6. Dylan Bartlett (Sr.) Beaver - 2A
  7. David Swarts (Sr.) Uintah - 4A
  8. Carson Hansen (Sr.) Snow Canyon - 4A
  9. Christopher Esparza (Sr.) Mt. View - 5A
  10. Noah Linford (Jr.) Layton - 6A

Thacker takes the #1 spot here and is the clear favorite to hold that spot all year long. Tafisi and Richarsdon will push him. Tafisi and Richardson went back and forth last year and look to battle it out again all season long. Shan spent all year last year at 285 but we expect to see him drop where he is the heavy favorite in the 3A. In 4A we see 3 wrestlers in the rankings at 220 which matches 5A with 3. 6A seems to be down at this weight but slides in Linford at the 10 spot to start the season.  220 in Utah this next year is solid at the top but is not super deep and could change throughout the season regularly. 


  1. Radi Stafford (Sr.) Mt. View
  2. Mark Rausch (Sr.) Mountain Ridge
  3. Hayes Dalton (Jr.) Emery
  4. Will Harmon (So.) Juab
  5. Alex Zesiger (Sr.) Viewmont
  6. Cesar Ubico (Sr.) Hunter
  7. Reilly Knable (Sr.) Roy
  8. Blake Barnes (Jr.) Milford
  9. Tanner Belinski (Sr.) Morgan
  10. Tate Willoughby (Sr.) Delta

This was a very difficult weight to rank!! Hayes Dalton placed the highest at the Rumble placing 3rd but received a forfeit and DQ to get to the 3rd place match. Him and Rausch lost to the same person. Hayes lost to #10 Tate Willoughby during the season also. Rausch had one little stumble at state which put him behind Stafford.....Then you have Will Harmon in the mix also. As a freshman had a great season and will probably have a much better season as a he too low? 5A will have some tough competition with Stafford, Rausch and Zesiger.  1A got a wrestler in with Blake Barnes, limited matches make it hard to rank 1A wrestlers but we are taking a chance on Barnes. 


  1. Lucas Cochran (Sr.) Box Elder - 5A
  2. Talmage Carman (Sr.) Herriman - 6A
  3. Cash Robb (Sr.) Altamont - 2A
  4. Justyn Mitchell (Sr.) ALA - 3A
  5. Danny Garcia (Sr.) Millard - 2A
  6. Noah Fuailetolo (So.) Desert Hills - 4A
  7. Michael Warino (Sr.) Kanab - 2A
  8. Laramie Roberts (Sr.) North Sanpete - 3A
  9. Jacob Rosencrantz (Sr.) Northridge - 6A
  10. Talon Belnap (Sr.) Gunnison Valley - 2A

Air Force Academy commit, Lucas Cochran, holds the top spot here. HIs top challenger will be Talmage Carman. Outside of those two you have Cash Robb and Justyn Michell who will push them but I don't see either beating Cochran or Carman this year. Another question among these top 4 is will Cash Robb even be down to 195 or will we see him at a higher weight. After Garcia at #5 your guess is as good as mine at who goes where. I put Noah at #6 because he was a freshman last year and I would expect a possible jump in production from freshman to sophomore seasons. Between Warino, Roberts, Rosencrantz and Belnap and many others we could see a lot of swapping. 


  1. Kellen Collier (Sr) Box Elder - 5A
  2. Jeshua Koch (So.) Bear River - 4A
  3. Wyatt Dawe (Sr.) Pleasant Grove - 6A
  4. Drew Dennison (Sr.) Pleasant Grove - 6A
  5. Ian Briskey (So.) Weber - 6A
  6. Peyton Williams (Sr.) Desert Hills - 4A
  7. Chase Dawson (Sr.) North Summit - 2A
  8. Kyler Boren (Sr.) Beaver - 2A
  9. Kaden Bybee (Sr.) Copper Hills - 6A
  10. Antonio McKissack (Jr.) Union - 3A

285 pounds can and will change from week to week once the season starts. Of this group we have 3 wrestlers who have brothers that went before them that were some of the best heavyweights in their time. Wyatt Dawe had Zac Dawe (now plays football at BYU), Drew Dennison had Dustin Dennison who wrestled at UVU and Ian Briskey had Brady Briskey. All three wrestlers are now making their own mark in the wrestling scene here in Utah.  Dennison, Koch, McKissack and Boren all competed on Utah National Teams when they were Schoolboys and are now taking top spots in High School.  McKissack was only a sophomore last year and Briskey was only a freshman. I am expecting big jumps from both of them. Koch was only a freshman as well last year and will be challenging for the top spot as just a sophomore! 

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