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2019 Individual Power Poll brought to you by TECH FALL GEAR CO.

By, 01/15/19, 11:15AM MST


Updated 1.15.2019

The Power Poll is meant to be a snapshot of the landscape of Utah High School wrestling right now.  Because we are updating it every week, instead of 2-3 times in the season, we decided to omit those who have not wrestled.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this decision causes.  Note that we have not taken kids off of the Beehive 25, and do not plan to unless they are unable to compete for the remainder of the year. 

With all of the results, we have access to; the matches that have occurred over the last week are factored into these rankings to the best of our abilities.  If we missed something, please let us know.

Once again please keep your comments positive and feel free to offer feedback. 


1. Bridger Ricks (Fr.) BE (4)

2. Lukas Carrillo (Fr.) ALA (3)

3. Brady Merkley (Fr) Uintah (UR)

4.Brock Morris (So.) MM (1)

5. Quade Smith (So.) Layton (2)

6. Jaxon Bearden (Fr.) Herriman (5)

7. Byron Christiansen (Fr) Emery (6)

8. Will Korth (Fr.) Morgan (7)

  • Ricks beat Smith at the All-Star Dual, Carillo beat Morris and Korth handled Otero.  With weight allowance, there are a lot of kids at new weight classes.  Merkley of Uintah is one, he beat Morris in the Semis of the TOC.  and in doing so gets on the list in a big way.  Can he follow up the win via Spladle with more wins?  Good news, all of these guys will be at the Rumble?    


1. River Wardle (So.) Wasatch (1)

2. Cub Deets (Sr) Uintah (1@126)

3. Jacob Finlinson (So.) Westlake (4)

4. Brian Evans (So.) Beaver (6)

5. Maverik Caldwell (Jr.) Delta (2)

6. Jaxon Morlan (Jr) Duchesne (UR)

7. Cooper Cox (So.) Maple Mountain (5)

8. Channing Warner (Fr.) Juab (3)

  • Cub didn't look great at the All-Star Dual,  he did at the TOC.  The Rumble will test him at 120.  can he challenge Wardle, or does River hold on to his #1 spot?  I'm not sure how many 4 time Rumble Champions there are, but River has #1 out of the way.  Evans beat Caldwell in Cedar City last weekend, and Morlan makes it two weights in a row where a Duchesne guy makes some noise.  He beat Cox in the Semis at TOC.  Warner took 7th, Cox 5th.  All of the questions will hopefully be answered in Heber.  



1. Sammy Heywood (Jr.) Wasatch (3)

2. Caleb Armstrong (Sr.) Hurricane (4)

3. Tristan Farnsworth (So.) Altamont (6)

4.  August Harrison (Jr) Uintah (UR)

5. Zayden Rowley (Sr) Desert Hills (UR)

6. Riley Helt (Jr.) Pine View (7)

7. Colter Ricks (Jr) Ridgeline (UR)

8. Devin Robins (Sr) Orem (UR)

  • You might notice something different at 132.  Injuries and weight movement has changed the face of this weight class.  Humphreys is on the Layton roster for the Rumble.  Heywood takes over #1 can he hold it.  His match with Mortimer was full of fireworks right up until the injury.  The ALA Senior will be back for postseason competition with a high ankle sprain. Gus Harrison gets into the Uintah Line up and into the rankings at 132.  His unorthodox, dangerous style will earn him a lot of wins.   


1. Zak Kohler (Sr.) Wasatch (1)

2. Cole Zorn (Sr) Pleasant Grove (2 @138)

3. Hayden Anderson (Sr.) Millard (2)

4. Jace Dart (Sr.) Mountain Crest (3)

5. Cade Bowring (Jr.) Juab (4)

6. Lorrince Essig (Sr.) Viewmont (5)

7. Brock Loveless (Sr.) Payson (6)

8. Dean Thompson (Jr) Altamont (7)

  • Kohler is the best at this weight.  The questions come after that.  How will this weight shake out at the Rumble?  How good is Dart?  Can he challenge Zorn and Anderson? The Mountain Crest Senior is the real X=factor.  He is very dangerous and dynamic.   and he is big.  




1. Isaac Wilcox (Sr) Olympus (1 @ 152)

2. McKay Foy (Sr) Altamont (1 )

3. Jaxon Moore (Sr.) PG (2)

4. Augustus Dalton (Sr) Emery (3)

5. Holland Knudsen (Sr.) Timpanogos (4)

6. John Whitaker (Jr.) Millard (6)

7. Tyler Scheurn (Jr) North Summit (UR)

8. Tucker Naccarato (Jr) Payson (5)

  • Wilcox will be at 160 for the remainder of the year.  Can a fresh of injury Foy challenge him?  The Rumble should be very, very fun at this weight.  Dalton beat Knudsen at the All-Stars  Scheurn handled Naccarato.  I am looking forward to Dalton vs Moore, which should be a scramble fest.  


1. Parker Gasser (Sr.) Maple Mountain (1)

2. Lucas Cochran (So.) Box Elder (2)

3. Cole Faust (Sr.) Layton (4)

4. Ryker Blackburn (Jr.) Duchesne (5)

5. Merrill Morley (Sr) Salem Hills (6)

6. Austin Winterton (Sr.) Orem (7)

7. Zac Durbano (Sr.) Weber (3)

8. Charles Watts (Sr.) Juab (8)

  • Gasser won the TOC, beating Blackburn along the way.  Cochran went undefeated at the Sky View Bob Cat Brawl.  Cochran beat Morley 6-2 on Tuesday, and Gasser beat Faust 18-7 .  The two 5 a Stars look to be on a collision course that will end in fireworks in 30 days from now.  Do we get a chance to see them this weekend?   Alta's Dawson woods was at 182 over the weekend, he has some good wins at 182, can he follow that up at 182?


1. Calun Whitaker (Sr.) Millard (3)

2. Maika Taulteoli (Sr) Pleasant Grove (1) 

3.  Kade Carlson (Jr.) Corner Canyon (2)

4. Hunter Larsen (Jr.) Skyview (4)

5.  McEntyre Thacker (Jr) Altamont (5)

6. Nathan Ellis (Sr.) Cedar City (7)

7. Emerson Conlon (Jr.) Olympus (6)

8. McCoy Cook (Sr.) Payson (8)

  • The biggest answers at 220 came on Tuesday.  Whitaker's mat skills propelled him over Tauteoli and Ellis beat Conlan.  Carlson who has been out of commission is back in action.  The Rumble will be good at 220.   


1. Cole Jensen - Payson (1)

2. Marco Herrera (Jr.) Bingham (4)

3. Denim Torgerson (So.) Richfield (2)

4. Ethan Clayburn (Jr) Duchesne (UR)

5. Drew Lang (Fr) West (3)

6. Aidan Harris (Jr.) Layton (6)

7. Gage Ogden (So) Herriman (5)

8. Josh Millward (Fr.) Skyridge (7)

  • This weight has another kid making the cut and notching a big win.  Ethan Clayburn of Duchesne earned a 3-1 win over Drew Lang.  Herrera looked impressive at the All-Star Dual, he moves to #2.  Jensen's win over Torgerson solidifies his place at #1, at least until this weekend.  Every ranked kid at 113 except Torgerson will be at the Rumble.  Wish we could see him too.  


1. Gavin Ayotte (Sr) Uintah (1@132)

2. Conner Ingram (Jr.) Juab (2)

3. Van Bray (Jr.) Millard (3)

4. Jarett Jorgenson (Jr.) Morgan (4)

5. Mason Denton (Sr) Fremont (5)

6. Scott Robertson (So.) Bear River (6)

7. Rhett Miner (Sr.) ALA (7)

8. Wyatt Hone (Jr.) Payson (8)

  • Last week there were a ton of changes at 126, despite an upset-laden  All-Star dual, there aren't a lot of changes this week.  Ayotte down at 126 is scary.  He was a force at 132, at 126, oh boy.  Look for him to put up some crazy numbers at The Rumble.  Can he win it this year?   Ingram lost to Schramm from Kemmerer in the semi and missed his chance at Ayotte, can he get another shot this weekend?  




1. Stockton O'brien (Jr) Wasatch (1)

2. Ryker Boyce (Jr.) Desert Hills (3)

3. Carson Sheets (Jr) Altamont (4)

4. Jed Lee (Sr) South Summit (5)

5. Josh Armstrong (So) Hurricane (7)

6. Austin Gillette (Jr) Farmington (6)

7. Jorge Sanchez (Sr) Payson (8)

8. Graydee Warren (Sr) Millard (Injured)

  • Not a lot of change 138, with Oakley Ridge in the Pleasant Grove lineup Zorn is at 145 .  Results over the weekend: Armstrong beat Gillette at Iron Town.  Warren gets back in the Millard lineup and makes an immediate impact.   





1. Brady Lowry (Sr.) Canyon View (2)

2. Jeremy Evans (Jr.) Viewmont (3)

3. Jack Lang (Sr.) West (4)

4. Bridger Bennion (Sr.) Uintah (5)

5. Dyllin Broughton (Sr) Delta (6)

6. Tyler Lynn (Sr) Juab (7)

7.  Mark Rausch (So) Herriman (8)

8. Mac Dodson (Sr.) PG (UR)

  • Lowry vs Evans was good for a minute and then Brady Lowry started doing things that you really can't train for.  He is a problem for everyone he wrestles.  A while back, it was rumored that he might make the cut to 145 for The Rumble. Since Canyon Views team is not on the list,  I'd say that is highly doubtful.  Unfortunate for fans.  Mac Dodson wrestled 152 at the TOC where he finished behind Bennion, Lang and Lynn, despite not wrestling any of them.  Lang won the tournament.  The Princeton commit looked good.  


1. Porter Chamberlain (Sr.) Wasatch (1)

2. Jate Frost (Sr.) Union (2)

3. Zack Johnson (Sr.) Maple Mountain (4)

4. Koby Johnson (Sr.) Grantsville (6)

5. Tyson Carter (Sr)  Payson (3)

6. Alec Bolingbroke (Sr.) Layton (5)

7.  Braydon Cavalieri (Sr.) Canyon View  (7)

8.  Bryson Barnes (Sr) Milford

  • Chamberlain handled Frost 7-0 on Tuesday.  On Saturday, Frost handled Johnson 10-7.  Things seem to be settling in at 170, Barnes of Milford took a loss at the All-Star Dual, but bounces back to beat Jake Jackson on the weekend.  Can he hold onto his spot on the list?  Or will a big school kid supplant the 1A Star?


1. Cooper Legas (Sr.) Orem (1)

2. Cash Robb (So) Altamont (2)

3. Tyson Zesiger (Sr.) Viewmont (3)

4. Bowen Shields (Sr.) Delta (4)

5. Blake Mangleson (Sr.) Juab (6)

6.  Alex Eidem (Sr) Timpanogos (8)

7. Zach Warren (Sr) Westlake (7)

8.  Louis Williams (SR) Payson (UR)

  • Legas was dominant against Zesiger.  Can he do the same against Shields and Robb at the Rumble?  Shields raw power and ferocity vs pure athleticism and speed should be very fun to watch.  Hopefully we can see that at the Rumble.  




1. Sam Dawe (Sr.) Spanish Fork (5)

2. Ryan Gunn (Sr.) Box Elder (1)

3. Jon Hunt (Sr.) Layton (2)

4. James Tomasi (Sr) Provo (6)

5. Zach Reynolds (Sr.) Olympus (4)

6. David Herring (Jr) Mountain View (7)

7. Kaden Montano (Sr) Syracuse (UR)

8. Tanner Sorenson (Sr) North Sevier (UR)

  • Dawe looked solid against Gunn at the UCCU Center.  Can the Don continue his winning ways?  He has been on a tear.  A banged up Kay drops out after losing to Sorenson in the TOC Semis and defaulting out of the tournament. Montano won.  Tomasi moves up as well as he beat some solid guys.  

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