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2019 Individual Power Poll brought to you by TECH FALL GEAR CO.

By, 02/20/19, 3:00PM MST


Updated 2.20.2019

Here are the Final Rankings of the 2019 HS Season.  Thank you to each and every wrestler who stepped on the mat this year and gave us a chance to enjoy your performances.  

With all of the results, we have access to; the matches that have occurred over the last week are factored into these rankings to the best of our abilities.  If we missed something, please let us know.

Once again please keep your comments positive and feel free to offer feedback. 


1. Brady Merkley (Fr) Uintah

2. Bridger Ricks (Fr.) BE

3. Lukas Carrillo (Fr.) ALA

4. Brock Morris (So.) MM

5. Quade Smith (So.) Layton

6. WIll Korth (Fr) Morgan

7. Byron Christiansen (Fr) Emery

8. Dallan Hunsaker (Fr) American Fork

  • Not a lot of Surprises at his weight class.  everybody just handled their business.  Merkley is one of the big surprises on the year,  the Ute didn't make the cut for Freshman top 10, but he is the best 106lber in the State.  Bridger Ricks gave him a chance to follow in Brock's footsteps to be a 4X Champ for Box Elder.  He followed up his OT State Finals win over Morris with a pin over Carillo in the Atlas All-Star Showdown.  


1. Scott Robertson (So.) Bear River

2. Brian Evans (So.) Beaver

3. Mitchell Slack (Sr.) Wasatch

4. Channing Warner (Fr.) Juab

5. Jarett Jorgenson (Jr.) Morgan

6. Jacob Finlinson (So.) Westlake

7. Deklan Kelly (Jr) Wasatch

8. Parker Frasure (Jr.) Farmington

  • There are a lot of unanswered questions at 120.  With so many kids dropping from 126, it is hard to know who would win in each given matchup.  Based on his phenomenal performance at the Rockwell Rumble, Scott Robertson takes the top spot.  his win in the 4A solidifies it.  I guess we'll have to wait until some of these guys meet in the spring to find out exactly what happens when the face off.  I think a Robertson, Warner, Evans, Finlinson Round robin would be a fun chance to see some tough underclassmen wrestle.  



1. Tyson Humpherys (Jr) Layton

2. Gavin Ayotte (Sr.) Uintah

3. Sammy Heywood (Jr.) Wasatch

4. Caleb Armstrong (Sr.) Hurricane

5. Quenton Mortimer (Sr.) ALA

6. Hadley Cowan (Jr) Skyridge

7. Colter Ricks (Jr) Ridgeline

8. Ryker Pentz (Jr) North Summit

  • Gavin got his 3rd, So did Tyson.  Sammy got his second and will be favored for a 3rd.  Take a moment to consider the dominance that some of these seniors showed throughout their careers, and appreciate what Heywood and Humphreys bring to the table their senior years.   


1. Zak Kohler (Sr.) Wasatch

2. Cole Zorn (Sr) Pleasant Grove

3. Hayden Anderson (Sr.) Millard

4. Cade Bowring (Jr.) Juab

5. Bridger Bennion (Sr.) Uintah

6. Brock Loveless (Sr.) Payson

7. Dean Thompson (Jr.) Altamont

8. Lorrince Essig (Sr.) Viewmont 

  • This weight has been pretty static.  With the top 4 being in that particular order since the first weekend of the season.  Yeah, some guys have come and gone but Kohler stays solid atop the standing.  Will the ferocity and raw aggression shown this season translate for Zak into a storied career as a Cadet? 


1. Isaac Wilcox (Sr) Olympus

2. Augustus Dalton (Sr) Emery

3. Chyler Zeeman (Sr.) Salem Hills

4. Elijah Wilson (Sr) American Fork

5. Jaxon Moore (Sr.) PG

6. Tucker Naccarato (Jr) Payson

7. John Whitaker (Jr.) Millard

8. Ryan Ball (Sr) Canyon View

  • Isaac is the king of Utah Wrestling this year.  He has put together a very impressive run.  Congratulations to him.  We look forward to seeing him as a Buckeye.  Gus Dalton won the first State Title for Emery High School in a long time, Chyler Zeeman capped off a career winning a title with a torn MCL, and Elijah Wilson pulled off one of the most dramatic upsets in recent history beating Jaxon Moore in 6A.


1. Lucas Cochran (So.) Box Elder

2. Parker Gasser (Sr.) Maple Mountain

3. Ryker Blackburn (Jr.) Duchesne

4. Merrill Morley (Sr) Salem Hills

5. Cole Faust (Sr.) Layton

6. Jake Jackson (Jr.) Delta

7. Heston Percival (Sr) Davis

8. Zac Durbano (Sr.) Weber 

  • Lucas Cochran is a Sophomore.  He went 52-2 this year and pinned 30+ opponents.  He currently has 93 wins in his HS career.  The Utah Record is 180.  The Utah Pin record is 44. Both could be in jeopardy with Lucas.  With Gasser graduating, The only thing that could stand in his way is a healthy Mason Christiansen.  


1. Calun Whitaker (Sr.) Millard

2. Maika Tauteoli (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

3. Nathan Ellis (Sr.) Cedar City

4. Kade Carlson (Jr.) Corner Canyon

5. Mafi Mahuinga (Sr.) Herriman

6. Emerson Conlan (Sr.) Olympus

7. Phillip Boban (jr) Pleasant Grove

8. Anthony Stockwell (Sr) West Lake

  • This weight was a little more difficult.  What do you do with Emerson Conlan?  Conlan went into the State tournament with a well-orchestrated game plan to beat Kade Carlson and did just that, winning a 5A State Title in an upset, he then turned around an got beat by Anthony Stockwell at the Atlas All-Star.  Ellis jumps Carlson and Conlan slots in at #5.  Tell me how I am wrong.  


1. Joseph Mecham (Jr.) Tooele

2. Cole Jensen (Jr) Payson

3. Marco Herrera (Jr.) Bingham

4. Denim Torgerson (So.) Richfield

5. Drew Lang (Fr) West

6. Josh Millward (Fr.) Skyridge

7. Caleb Leavitt (So) Enterprise

8. Blake Woolsey (Fr) Morgan

  • Joseph Mecham of Tooele is the best 113lber in Utah.  From unranked earlier in the year,  he beat Jensen and Hererra over a long weekend,  won a State Title, and cemented his name in minds of Utah wrestling fans.  Lang won his first as Freshmen and Torgerson handled his business in workmanlike fashion in 3A.  Here's to hoping we see a little more of the Torgerson's this spring.    


1. River Wardle (So.) Wasatch

2. Van Bray (Jr.) Millard

3. Mason Denton (Jr) Fremont

4. Rhett Miner (Sr.) ALA

5. Conner Ingram (Jr.) Juab

6. Gabe Sanders (Fr) Mountain Crest

7. Wyatt Hone (Jr.) Payson

8. Cub Deets (Sr) Uintah

  • If there is one thing we can learn from this year, it should be to never count River Wardle out.  His close (And somewhat controversial) loss to Robertson in the Rumble finals is the only time he has been challenged by Utah competition.  He stepped up for his team and moved up a weight, and helped the Wasps win a title in convincing fashion.  It is important to note that Mustang Freshman Gabe Sanders pulled together a great tournament and won the 4A crown.   If you missed the 3A finals match go find it,  it is a prime example of putting it on the line when it counts.  


1. Terrell Barraclough (Sr.) Layton

2. Stockton O'brien (Wasatch)

3. Cody Stubbs (Kanab)

4. Ryker Boyce (Jr.) Desert Hills

5. Brock Edwards (Jr) Beaver

6. Chance Parker (Sr) Ridgeline

7. Carson Sheets (Jr) Altamont

8.  Austin Gillette (Jr) Farmington

  • Outside of the top 2,  138 is one of the volatile weights.  There is an awful lot of turnover.  Who beat who and so on.  As it all shook out at the State tournament, here is our best shot at a weight where 3-15 could change on any given weekend.  Westpoint gets one of Utahs best in Bear Claw.  


1. Tyler Schuern (Jr) North Summit

2. Brady Lowry (Sr.) Canyon View

3. Holland Knudsen (Sr.) Timpanogos

4. Jeremy Evans (Jr.) Viewmont

5. Dyllin Broughton (Sr.) Delta

6. Andrew Jensen (Fr) Maple Mountain

7. Mark Rausch (So) Herriman

8. Canyon Brann (Jr) Layton

  • Holland Knudsen looked impressive Thursday night as he won a State Title.  Lowry was also impressive, as he left no doubt who the best 152lber in 4A is.  Broughton putting up 24 points in the final Andrew Jensen finishing 3rd in a deep, deep 5A, Rausch's 6A tournament are all impressive.  But none of these is as impressive as Tyler Schuern beating Lowry 15-5  


1. Porter Chamberlain (Sr.) Wasatch

2. Jate Frost (Sr.) Union

3. McKay Foy (Sr) Altamont

4.  Tyson Carter (Sr.) Payson

5. Alec Bolingbroke (Sr.) Layton

6. Zack Johnson (Sr.) Maple Mountain

7. Koby Johnson (Sr.) Grantsville

8. Samuel Sprehn (Sr) Syracuse

  • It's all Seniors at 170.  If you would have told me a couple of years ago that Wasatch's Porter Chamberlain would be the ranked #1 in the Power Poll in a weight that included even some of the names on this list,  I would have never believed you.  Not in a million years.  Porter is a testament of what hard work, great coaching and the program steeped in tradition can do.  


1. Cooper Legas (Sr.) Orem

2. Cash Robb (So) Altamont

3. Tyson Ziesiger (Sr.) Viewmont

4. Bowen Shields (Sr.) Delta

5. Dawson Woods (Sr.) Alta

6. Blake Mangleson (Sr.) Juab

7. Alex Eidem (Sr) Timpanogos

8. Kolton Kammeyer (Jr) Fremont

  • Cooper Legas will finish his HS career with 2 Football Titles, 2 $A Wrestling Titles and 2 Javelin State Titles.  There are 3 sport Athletes and 3 sport Lettermen but seldom do we see someone as athletically gifted as Cooper.  My only wish is we could have seen him against some of the best competition in the country on the Mat.  


1. James Tomasi (Jr.) Provo

2. Ryan Gunn (Sr.) Box Elder

3. David Herring (Sr.) Mt. View

4. Sam Dawe (Sr.) Spanish Fork

5. Jon Hunt (Sr.) Layton

6. Kaden Montano (Sr.) Syracuse

7, Keegan Wilkinson (Sr) Pleasant Grove

8. Samuel Duran (Sr) Cottonwood

  • There is something almost primal in watching James Tomasi snatch a single leg and pick a 260lb Ryan Gunn off the matt onto his shoulder take a couple of steps and take him down to win a state title.  That type of raw power is generally reserved for the well scripted and oft-practiced confines of a turnbuckled  WWE stage.  It was impressive and as a result the Provo Bulldog takes the #1 spot.   

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