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Tristan Hellstrom

By, 05/20/15, 10:15AM MDT


Maple Mountain High School

Tristan Hellstrom has been named "Athlete of the Week" for May 20th, 2015.

Each week, will select two "Athletes of the Week." One for the PreK-9th grade age groups, and one for the high school and above  age group  which will include high  school , college, coaches and teams. The selection committee will consider and choose from nominees based upon performance within wrestling that week.

Tristan Hellstrom started wrestling just four years ago after his Karate instructor who was also a wrestler introduced him to it.  He loved it from the very first day.  Tristan loves life and people. He is always aware of the needs of his team mates and is willing to step up and help. It is particularly fun to watch him coach younger wrestlers because you can see both his passion for wrestling and his care for others. Tristan has struggled to learn in traditional settings in school, so he has become very good at wrestling and also the arts. Tristan not only loves art, but he has a true gift in this area.  Drawing, painting, or any kind of artistic creation he can do with his hands are a trademark.

Tristan is known throughout the state as the guy who is double jointed. His opponents struggle to score on him because his entire body is like a rubber band and he seems to be able to stretch and contort himself in all sorts of crazy ways.  Tristan’s hallmark is his dedication and passion to the sport.   He wrestles year round and works hard every day.   He never misses and opportunity to compete, go to a camp, or go to practice. Because of this passion and commitment to stay on the mat as often as possible, he just keeps getting better and better.

Tristan will be a Junior next year at Maple Mountain High School and has a goal to be a state champion and to wrestle in college. Tristan is a member of Champions Wrestling Club and particularly loves the Olympic Styes of wrestling and wants to be an All-American and National Champions some day.

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