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Spring Season wrestling made easy

By, 02/23/23, 11:00AM MST


We've put together a kind of guide to help answer a variety of the most common questions for the spring wrestling season.

1) What are the different divisions? (6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and Junior)

These are simply names given to groups based on when they were born. Here are the age groups, and here are birth dates for each division. 

  • 6U (born 2017-2020),
  • 8U (born 2015-2016),
  • 10U (born 2013-2014),
  • 12U (born 2011-2012),
  • 14U (born 2009-2010),
  • 16U (born 2007-2008)
  • Junior (born 9/1/2003 and after and in high school)

2) Where can I find a list of tournaments for my wrestler to compete in and how do I register for the tournaments?

Go to the home page on our website, go to the "Events" tab and in the drop down menu is a tab that reads "Spring Season". On this page you will find the schedule for a all of our events.

You can register for any of the tournaments on Once you go to you will want to click the "events" tab at the top and then use the "search events" button at the top to search for tournaments in Utah. 

3) What USA Wrestling Card or upgrade do I need and where do I purchase it?

If you have a current Limited USA Membership, then all you will need to do is purchase the $35 upgrade for the Full USA Athlete Membership To do this just log back in where you originally purchased your USA Membership and upgrade. If you don't have a Limited USA membership, or a Full Athlete USA Membership, then you will need to pay the full amount for the Full Athlete USA membership, which is $55. the link below will direct you to where you can purchase any of the memberships.

4) If I plan to wrestle in more than one style in a tournament, do I have to register in each individual tournament on

No. You can register for any or all styles for a tournament in any of the tournament registration pages. 

5) Where can I find the rules for Freestyle and Greco?

There will be a rules clinic at the beginning of each tournament that  anyone can attend.  There is also a UWW rules manual on our website The manual is located on the "Officials" page which is in the drop down menu, under the "Home" tab.

We are here to assist in anyway possible, and if there are any questions with registration, rules, or anything at all email Jaron Jensen with