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Dyllin Broughton

By, 11/19/14, 10:00AM MST


Delta, Utah

Dyllin Broughton has been named " High School Athlete of the Week" for November 19th 2014. Each week, will select two "Athletes of the Week." One for the PreK-9th grade age groups, and one for the high school and above age group  which will include high school, college, coaches and teams. The selection committee will consider and choose from nominees based upon performance within wrestling that week.

Dyllin Broughton was born in September 2000. He is currently enrolled at the Delta Middle School in Delta, UT. He holds a GPA of 3.8 and always has been on the Honor Roll. He is a very smart young man and always has been. Not only has Dyllin been smart his entire life; he has always been a great leader, especially when it comes to his teammates. His teammates look up to him in so many ways. He's always willing to take the extra time with them to help them with whatever they need. He's always out recruiting kids to wrestle. Especially the ones he really thinks need to be doing something and staying busy, just for them to stay out of trouble and go down the right path. Which he's done an amazing job so far. He's always so giving, caring, and willing to help out anyone, anyway he can. He is friends with everyone as well. He has great sportsmanship when it comes to everything he does. 
This is Dyllins third year wrestling, and he has done some amazing things in the short time he has wrestled. Dyllin always gives 110%, if not more in everything he does, especially when it comes to wrestling. He has worked with some of the best coaches and still continues to work with them as well. Some of the coaches he has worked with or still working with are: 4 time state champion, Allan Lake; Coach Lamont, with Champions; Coach Gasser; Coach Holman; the entire staff of Delta Junior High; Taylor Lamont; and last but not least State Champion Coach Beckstrom. Coach Beckstrom has not only been just a coach to Dyllin, he has also been a huge role model and a best friend. And Dyllin will always be forever thankful for that.
Dyllin had a minor set back in January of this year (2014). During one of his matches, he twisted his ankle while landing on it. And unfortunately broke it and ended up having to get surgery. It was by far the biggest and hardest trial he has ever been through. But just like the amazing young man he is, he never gave up and lost hope. He still attended every practice and every single tournament to support his team. Even though it was really hard for him to sit the sidelines, he still did it and did it with dignity. He missed out on The Beehive Brawl and also 2014 Jr. High State. 
    He has now healed up 100%. And just like Dyllin had planned he came back full force. As soon as the doctor gave him the Okay to wrestle again, he was wrestling in tournaments that same weekend. He took 1st in freestyle and folkstyle at the Juab Tournament. He placed 3rd at Freestyle State, and then headed to Western Regionals in Idaho for a week. He has also just competed in Las Vegas Freakshow Tournament, where he was ranked 9th out of 40 of the hardest kids in the Western United States. 
Before Dyllin broke his ankle he was ranked 11th on the Future Youth Olympian Team, he placed 6th at the Salt Lake Slam, and went undefeated in 3 tournaments just last year, and he also placed 2nd at Jr High State in 2013. This year Dyllin has some of the most amazing goals set for himself. And has even taken the time to write them down in permanent marker on the back of his door. Some of those goals for this year, in his own words are:
- To be one of the best wrestlers this year by going hard the entire match, always moving. 
- To be a good teammate by supporting them and helping them.
- To take a Jr. High State Title in wrestling. By working my heart out and putting in the time. 
- To take a Beehive Brawl Championship spot. 
- To take a Super State title.
- To be top incoming freshman of the year. 
Dyllin is truly an inspiration to everyone that comes around him. 
Dyllins other hobbies and interests are football, which he's truly amazing at that as well, making sure he keeps doing great in his school work, and hanging out with his family and friends. Anything that catches his interests he'll put his heart into it 110% if not more. But Dyllins main focus is wrestling all around. In the past year he's only taken a month off from wrestling. Dyllin is the light of our family. He is always cracking jokes and makes everyone laugh and have a smile on their face at all times. He has one older brother, whom is also wrestling, along with two younger brothers and one younger sister. His entire family, including extended family is so very proud of him and the things he has accomplished and has yet to accomplish. 
After High School, Dyllin would like to get a scholarship and continue to wrestle in college along with going to medical school to complete his Physical Therapist License. What inspired Dyllin to become a Physical therapist was going to physical therapy himself. 
Dyllin is so very excited for the 2014-2015 wrestling season and to complete every single goal he has made for himself. 
And with the support system he has, I don't see anything that will keep him from doing so. His #1 fan is of course his mother and will be there for Dyllin through thick and thin and of course be his best supporter his entire life. Dyllin you are looked up to and loved by so many people. Good luck bud!!!!

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