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Taylor LaMont

By, 10/01/14, 12:15PM MDT


Mapleton, Utah

Taylor LaMont has been named " High School Athlete of the Week" for October 1st 2014.

Each week, will select two "Athletes of the Week." One for the PreK-9th grade age groups, and one for the high school and above age group  which will include high school, college, coaches and teams. The selection committee will consider and choose from nominees based upon performance within wrestling that week.

Taylor LaMont loves wrestling. That is a classic understatement. Taylor started wrestling when he was 3.  Up until his super-state loss to Dusty Hone last year, he hadn’t lost a state championship in any style since he was 3. Taylor has made the world team two years in a row in Greco Roman. This year he won two national titles, was a runner up and a third place winner. Last year he won national titles in all three styles and was also an all American in an older age division.  Taylor has a passion for hunting the better wrestlers, figuring them out and eventually beating them.   It is common to see him wrestling in 3 or 4 different weight classifications in one year, just depending on what tournament and what competition he can “hunt”.

Taylor’s most recent honor was breaking the all time record for RPI points with WIN Magazine’s Wrestling ranking system. Last year Taylor was tied with another wrestler for the top spot, but it wasn’t a record. This year Taylor set a new all time national record for the USA in most quality wins over ranked opponents. The RPI is a more scientific way of figuring out rankings and is similar to what D1 basketball and ESPN power polls use. 

Taylor’s goals are simple. He wants to win a world title next year as a FILA Cadet.   He wants to win an Olympic Gold medal some day. He wants to break Jon Wixom’s pin record for the state of Utah and he wants to win multiple NCAA championships.  

He is a tremendous worker, he learns quickly, and he is tenacious.  Some coaches and fans don’t like his style of trying to break his opponents mentally and physically being like a D-1 wrestler. Taylor just believes he has to train like a world champion or and NCAA champion now if he ever wants to get there.  He can’t afford to “wrestle at a high school level” to try to make his opponents fans happy.

Taylor is a straight A student and a junior at Maple Mountain High School.  He wrestles for Champions Wrestling Club.  He is an accomplished pianist.   He is an Eagle Scout, although he does a lot of other sports for fun, outside of wrestling he would prefer to be downhill mountain biking than any other sport other than wrestling. 

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