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1A Classification Individual & Team Rankings: 1-11-19

By Shad Holm & 1A Coaches, 01/11/19, 2:30PM MST


2018-2019 1A Individual Rankings - 1/11/19

The 1A rankings are not done in conjunction with the Beehive Top 25 or the Power Polls and are done by outside individuals with their own opinions and research. They may or may not match with the Power Polls or Beehive Top 25. These rankings will be updated as mistakes and additions are found so please feel free to help post changes in the comments below. The more feedback that is given the better the rankings will be. 


  1. Paxton Christensen (So.) Monticello
  2. Thomas Marhall (Fr.) Panguitch
  3. Jesse Peterson (So.) Wayne
  4. Corbin Malm (So.) Rich


  1. Porter Schoppe (So.) Panguitch
  2. Kolt Pace (So.) Wayne
  3. Tate Ramsay (Fr.) Monticello
  4. Mason Skiby (So.) Rich


  1. Brevin Olsen (So.) Monticello
  2. Jax Coburn (So.) Piute
  3. Karson Wunderlich (Sr.) Milford
  4. Keller Siddoway (So.) Rich


  1. Wade Jeffery (Sr.) Wayne
  2. Matt Beh (Sr.) Monticello
  3. Dakota Hatch (Sr.) Panguitch
  4. Gage Griffiths (Jr.) Milford


  1. Steven Robinson (Sr.) Monticello
  2. Korbin Atkin (So.) Panguitch
  3. Blake Barnes (Fr.) Milford
  4. Austin Peterson (Jr.) Rich


  1. Mark Beh (Sr.) Monticello
  2. Mason Wells (Sr.) Wayne
  3. Dillon Wheeler (So.) Monticello
  4. Wyler Fawson (Jr.) Panguitch


  1. Kayden Draper (Sr.) Monticello
  2. Troy Evans (Jr.) Panguitch
  3. Robert Musselman (So.) Monticello
  4. West Sanders (Sr.) Wayne


  1. Zach Cecil (Sr.) Monticello
  2. Tanner Tsinigine (Sr.) Monument Valley
  3. Reese Fautin (Sr.) Piute
  4. Kyle Heaton (Jr.) Panguitch


  1. Wyatt Fullmer (Sr.) Monticello
  2. Kevin Bridges (Jr.) Panguitch
  3. Flint Holm (Sr.) Milford
  4. Gage Christiansen (Jr.) Tintic


  1. Hunter Marshall (Jr.) Panguitch
  2. Brax Jensen (Sr.) Piute
  3. Colton Hislop (Jr.) Rich
  4. Paul Reay (So.) Monticello


  1. Bryson Barnes (Jr.) Milford
  2. Byron Hurtado (Jr.) Piute
  3. Braxton Atwood (Sr.) Monticello
  4. Robert Weinstein (Jr.) Diamond Ranch


  1. Jackson Butler (Sr.) Diamond Ranch
  2. Kaleo Atene (Sr.) Monument Valley
  3. Weston Kunz (Jr.) Tintic
  4. Tuff Adair (So.) Monticello


  1. Jacob Oldroyd (Jr.) Wayne
  2. Wyatt Tebbs (Jr.) Panguitch
  3. Tommy Kaytso (So.) Monument Valley
  4. Eric Lepe (Jr.) Milford


  1. Daniel Ayala (Jr.) Wayne
  2. Ike Keller (Jr.) Milford
  3. Eldean Lammert (Sr.) Monticello
  4. Tyler Cly (Sr.) Monument Valley