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1A Preseason Rankings

By, 11/20/20, 1:15PM MST


1A Classification Rankings - November 20, 2020

Panguitch is easily the favorite to win in  2021, they dominated last season, and should continue that if all factors are considered.  The returning point s sho them to be a favorite, and the rankings at this point reflect it.  

  1. Panguitch: 207

  2. Piute: 162

  3. Rich: 97.5

  4. Milford: 90

  5. Wayne: 86.5

  6. Tintic: 51.5

  7. Bryce Valley: 33

  8. Whitehorse: 28

  9. Diamond Ranch: 27

  10. Mon. Valley: 9

  11. Telos: 9

  12. Water Canyon: 3

The wrestling still has to happen and getting to a Saturday night at the Sevier Valley Center will be a very fun ride.  


The 1A rankings are not done in conjunction with the Beehive Top 25 or the Power Polls and are done by outside individuals with their own opinions and research. They may or may not match with the Power Polls or Beehive Top 25. These rankings will be updated as mistakes and additions are found so please feel free to help post changes in the comments below. The more feedback that is given the better the rankings will be. 

Team Rankings

These rankings are based directly off of the rankings/ projected placements with bonus points. 

  • 22 pts = 1st place
  • 17 pts = 2nd place
  • 15 pts = 3rd place
  • 10 pts = 4th place


  1. Ricardo Pena, Piute
  2. Aaron Saunders, Wayne
  3. Jayken Downing, Rich
  4. Owen Crofts, Panguitch



  1. Bryson Henrie, Panguitch
  2. Rayce Jeffery, Wayne
  3. Calvin Eagar, Bryce Valley
  4. Andrew Elcik, Telos
  5. Aidan Young, Tintic


  1. Keller Siddoway, Rich
  2. Thomas Marshall, Panguitch
  3. Kolt Pace, Wayne
  4. Monty Morrison, Piute
  5. Mason Skiby, Rich
  6. Kade Severe , Piute


  1. Quaid Thompson, Milford
  2. Marcus Wilson, Wayne
  3. Travis Gifford, Rich
  4. Jayden Pearson, Piute
  5. McClain Leibbrandt, Panguitch
  6. Aldo Dominguez, Piute


  1. Luke Finicum, Milford
  2. Lincoln Trapp, Piute
  3. Korbin Atkin, Panguitch
  4. Aiden Despain, Tintic
  5. Tucker Miller, Telos
  6. Kendall Graham, Diamond Ranch


  1. Casek Hardy, Milford
  2. Jaedon Rowe, Rich
  3. Gage Julander, Panguitch
  4. Gavin McCormick, Telos
  5. Daemeon Nez, Panguitch


  1. Wade Christensen, Panguitch
  2. Marcus Denny, Whitehorse
  3. Weston Kunz, Tintic
  4. Elias Romero, Milford
  5. Cole Harland, Panguitch


  1. Korban Osburn, Panguitch
  2. Dreyson Pollock, Bryce Valley
  3. Conner Quarnberg, Milford
  4. Michael Dee, Whitehorse
  5. Dallen Platt, Bryce Valley
  6. Shyam O`Connor, Telos


  1. McKray Gayler, Piute
  2. Hunter Dickinson, Panguitch
  3. Jesse Peterson, Wayne
  4. Theron Evans, Panguitch
  5. Isaac Leech, Bryce Valley
  6. Jack Snyder, Piute


  1. Jax Coburn, Piute
  2. Porter Schoppe, Panguitch
  3. Henry Bright, Diamond Ranch
  4. Anthony Ruelas, Milford
  5. Alex Thomas, Piute
  6. Kyle Terry, Tintic


  1. Ryker Conk, Rich
  2. Hunter Leggett, Piute
  3. Jace Edwards, Wayne
  4. Cael Housten, Panguitch
  5. Caleb Lamaman, Monument Valley
  6. Chase F Beesley, Bryce Valley


  1. Blake Barnes, Milford
  2. Matt Allen, Diamond Ranch
  3. Nash Jensen, Panguitch
  4. Skyler Williams, Milford
  5. Noah Benally, Whitehorse


  1. Porter Trapp, Piute
  2. Calvin Holm, Milford
  3. Colton Johnson, Rich
  4. Gabriel Sarles, Panguitch
  5. Heston Taufer, Tintic


  1. Jaden Kriegh, Tintic
  2. Justin Adams, Rich
  3. Arik Blevins, Panguitch
  4. Rex Harvey, Whitehorse

#1 PANGUITCH Bobcats: 207 PTS

#2 Piute Thunderbirds: 142 PTs

#3 Milford Tigers: 140 Pts

#4 Rich Rebels: 123 Pts


Luke Finicum: This Finicum family moved to Milford from the Ely , Nevada area since last season,  Luke placed at the Nevada State Championships last season, and had wins over Utah 1A State Finalists last season Luke might be the favorite to win a title this season, a huge pick up for the Milford Tigers.  

Morgan Finicum: Freshman Morgan Finicum will join his elder brother in a Milford singlet and should be at 152.  The tigers hope that he can help them bring home a trophy.  Morgan has placed at the Beehive Brawl multiple times and could make a huge dent in the 1A bracket.  

Kade Severe: Kade will look to help the Piute Thunderbirds close the gap on their rivals to the south.  He will likely be at 132, and with Gayler, Morrison and Coburn working with him all season,  could make the podium.