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6A Preview

By USAUT, 11/02/19, 11:45PM MDT



Brock Moore has won 9 State titles since 2011.  1 Dual Team Title and 8 of 9 State Championships.  His Pleasant Grove teams have established themselves as THE team in 6A .  The PG Dynasty in this iteration has added to the 10 titles that came before.  His 8 Tournament titles ties him for 3rd all-time, with names like Ron Petersen, David Chavis, and PG great Darold Henry.  If you don't know those names,  then you need to learn some history, that's what Brock Moore is, a historic coach, the type of coach that resurrects one of the most storied programs in the state and returns it to dominance.  Pleasant Grove will be favored to win this years tournament, in doing so, he will more than cement his legacy and given the status of the program, and the way Moore has the Viking squad peaking and believing in themselves in February, he could keep it up for a long, long time. 

For that to change, it will take the type of effort that only a phenomenal team is capable of.  Like the 2017 Layton Team that beat PG.  Last year's Layton team had all the makings of a team that could have repeated the event, but PG who came into State as underdogs turned it on when it counted and walked away with a  championship.  This year Fremont and Syracuse have the potential to stand in PG's way.  If they are going to wrestle their way to a title, they will have to knock off every Viking they can and get some help along the way.  

6A Teams

Pleasant Grove Vikings

Coach: Brock Moore

Location: Pleasant Grove, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 184

Returning Placers: 8

Fremont Silverwolves

Coach: Cody Storey

Location: Plain City, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 180

Returning Placers: 6

Syracuse Titans

Coach: Troy Brown

Location: Syracuse, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 176

Returning Placers: 8

Westlake Thunder

Coach: Cody Burdett

Location: Saratoga Springs, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 154

Returning Placers: 6

Layton Lancers

Coach: Adam Fager

Location: Layton, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 135.5

Returning Placers: 4

Skyridge Falcons

Coach: Lyle Mangum

Location: Lehi, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 101.5

Returning Placers: 4

Herriman Mustangs

Coach: Rulon Gardner

Location: Herriman, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 92.5

Returning Placers: 4

Bingham Miners

Coach: Matt Walker

Location: South Jordan, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 90.5

Returning Placers: 4

American Fork Cavemen

Coach: Eric Spencer

Location: American Fork, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 76

Returning Placers: 3

Corner Canyon Chargers

Coach: Jeff Eure

Location: Draper, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 73.5

Returning Placers: 1

West Panthers

Coach: Dirt Howa

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 60.5

Returning Placers: 2

Northridge Knights

Coach: Kevin Kennington

Location: Layton, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 40

Returning Placers: 1

Copper Hills Grizzlies

Coach: Jeff Humphreys

Location: West Jordan, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 35

Returning Placers: 1

Lone Peak Knights

Coach: Tracy Wallace

Location: Highland, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 32

Returning Placers: 0

Weber Warriors

Coach: Caleb Hardy

Location: Pleasant View, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 31

Returning Placers: 0

Jordan Beetdiggers

Coach: Chris Babinski

Location: Sandy, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 30

Returning Placers: 1

Riverton Silverwolves

Coach: Joseph Gorman

Location: Riverton, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 23

Returning Placers: 0

Roy Royals

Coach: Santos Gallegos

Location: Roy, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 23

Returning Placers: 1

Davis Darts

Coach: Bo Roundy

Location: Kaysville, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 22.5

Returning Placers: 0

Taylorsville Warriors

Coach: Shawn McNiven

Location: Taylorsville, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 20

Returning Placers: 0

Granger Lancers

Coach: Sam Vidal

Location: West Valley, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 17

Returning Placers: 0

Clearfield Falcons

Coach: Stan Penrod

Location: Clearfield, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 15

Returning Placers: 0

West Jordan Jaguars

Coach: Damien Grant

Location: West Jordan, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 13

Returning Placers: 0

Hunter Wolverines

Coach: Terence Allen

Location: West Valley, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 12

Returning Placers: 0

Cyprus Pirates

Coach: Josh Checketts

Location: Magna, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 0

Kearns Cougars

Coach: Antonio Meikel

Location: Kearns, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 0



  1. Dallan Hunsaker (So.) American Fork

  2. Jacob Carson (Fr.) Pleasant Grove

  3. Ryker Brann (Fr.) Layton

  4. Koen Mussleman (Fr) Fremont

  5. Hunter Bown (Sr.) Skyridge

  6. Bryden Knight (So) Fremont


  1. Quade Smith (Jr.) Layton

  2. Sutton Brown (So.) Syracuse

  3. Cal Christiansen (So.) Fremont

  4. Jace Brower (So) Westlake

  5. Branson Pilster (Sr) Weber

  6. Cameron Baum (So) Westlake


  1. Marco Herrera (Sr.) Bingham

  2. Aidan Harris (Sr.) Layton

  3. Hunter Swalberg (Sr) Northridge

  4. Khegan Tarkalson (Jr) Fremont

  5. Austin Sales ( Sr) Syracuse

  6. Jaeden Fowers (Sr) Copper Hills


  1. Jacob Finlinson (Jr.) Westlake

  2. Josh Millward (So.) Skyridge

  3. Corbin Platt (So.) Fremont

  4. Jaxon Visser (Jr) Pleasant Grove

  5. Jaron Priest (Jr) Layton

  6. Ryan Bullough (Sr) Copper Hills


  1. Mason Denton (Sr.) Fremont

  2. Drew Lang (So.) West

  3. Hadley Cowan (Sr.) Skyridge

  4. Nathan Bartholomew (Jr.) American Fork

  5. Gage Ogden (Jr.) Herriman

  6. Tucker Butler (So.) Westlake


  1. Tyson Humpherys (Sr.) Layton

  2. Hayden Wilson (Jr.) American Fork

  3. Calvin Bishop (Sr) Westlake

  4. Braden Rex (Sr) Skyridge

  5. McClaine Percival (Jr)Davis

  6. Colton Reading (Sr) Herriman


  1. DJ Butler (Jr.) Roy

  2. Zeke Kelley (Jr.) Pleasant Grove

  3. Joseph Fairbanks (Jr) Syracuse

  4. Dominic Castro (Sr.) Westlake

  5. Mahkyi Smith (Fr) Skyridge

  6. Kollin Slade (Jr) Pleasant Grove


  1. Oakley Ridge (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

  2. Jaxon Wardle (Sr.) Bingham

  3. Jordan Davies (So.) Syracuse

  4. Trent Taylor (Sr.) Westlake

  5. James Hornberger (Sr.) Skyridge

  6. Isaac Fisher (Jr.) Layton


  1. Josh Rassi (Sr.) Syracuse

  2. Camron Eden (Jr.) Syracuse

  3. Cole Sederholm (Sr.) Fremont

  4. Payton Clark (Sr) Bingham

  5. Park Beeler (Jr) Granger

  6. Tyler Rose (Sr) Skyridge


  1. Jake Richardson (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

  2. Canyon Brann (Sr.) Layton

  3. Kam Moss (Jr.) Bingham

  4. Tytan Smith (Sr.) Syracuse

  5. Brandyn Gaytan (Sr) Corner Canyon

  6. Malachi Novosei (Sr) Taylorsville


  1. Mason Christiansen (Sr.) Bingham

  2. Talmage Carman (Jr.) Herriman

  3. Cannon Carlson (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

  4. Corbin Roennebeck (Sr.) Syracuse

  5. Dakota Buckner (Sr.) Copper Hills

  6. Ted Johnson (Jr.) Pleasant Grove


  1. Kolton Kammeyer (Sr.) Fremont

  2. Austin Bunton (Sr) Syracuse

  3. Matt Smith (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

  4. Cameron Brundage (Jr.) Herriman

  5. Samuel Clark (Sr) Lone Peak

  6. Carson Pugh (Jr) West Lordan


  1. Anthony Stockwell (Sr.) Westlake

  2. Phillip Boban (Sr.) Pleasant Grove

  3. Isaac Ngatuvai (Jr) Bingham

  4. Jayden Johnson (Sr) West

  5. Kevin Van Uliert (Sr) Fremont

  6. Noah Linford (So) Layton


  1. Kade Carlson (Sr) Corner Canyon

  2. Weston Warr (Sr.) Fremont

  3. Joseph Watson (Sr.) Jordan

  4. Traycee Norman (Sr.) Herriman

  5. Mason Bodell (So) Westlake

  6. Drew Dennison (Jr) Pleasant Grove


It looks fairly close on paper. Fremont is within 4 points and Syracuse is within 8 when you look at returning points.  That looks like a very tight race, but looks can be deceiving, and what the paper is not telling us is that Pleasant Grove has a bunch of points that don’t show up on paper.  Jake Richardson a Pennsylvania State placer and all-around stud wrestler is now a Viking.  Furthermore, the Vikings have a couple of kids who were injured to end last year that have the potential to score 20+ points at the State tournament each.  The Vikings will take home a title, and the Titans and Silverwolves will have to battle it out for the silver trophy, which is a big step for both programs.

What to Watch For:

Kade Carlson at Heavy.  Kade is a big strong kid, he has been more than dominant at 220. Can he continue his success against bigger and stronger wrestlers in the heavyweight division?  Carlson has solid positioning and is patient, he attacks in explosive bursts, all of that combines to make a dangerous heavyweight.  What can he do on the national stage this year?


Marco Herrera is slated at 120, he wrestled 113 at the freak show.  What weight will the dynamic Bingham Miner be?  Who knows?  Either way, look for the defending 113lb champion to be in the mix.  If you get a chance to see him, take it, He is fun to watch.  Look for Marco to step on the mat at LIT where we could see him against either Layton wrestler who will challenge him for the 6A Title. 


One of those Lancers who stand in Marcos way is 113lber and 2019 Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco All-American Quade Smith.  Quade has made phenomenal progress in the offseason and has established himself as one of the best wrestlers in Utah. 


6A 132 is Stacked Mason Denton is the defending 12lb 6A Champ. Drew Lang is the 113lb 5A Champ from West who is now 6A, add to that another 5A finalist in Hadley Cowan from Skyridge.  Add solid wrestlers Bartholomew of AF, Butler of Westlake, Herriman’s former finalist Gage Ogden, Layton’s Jaron Priest and Issac Griffen of Syracuse who are all possible 132lbers and this is a barn burner of a weight. 


Mason Christiansen is back, the Bingham phenom wrestled only a handful of matches last year before shoulder surgery.  Watch out for blast doubles from space and an attacking style as the Miner gets back on the Mat with a vengeance. 


Jake Richardson has not been challenged since he came to Utah, he was untouched in Fall League.  He walked through the Preseason Open. He is the #1 ranked 170lber in the state.  Can anyone at 170 push him?   I’d personally like to see him against Christiansen, Cochran, Whitaker or Schuern, he should see Whitaker at the Ironman in early December.


Tyson Humpherys will be at UVU next year.  This year he is a Layton Lancer and might be their second 4-time state champ in as many years.  Watch out, 138 here comes Tyson!