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3A Preview

By USAUT, 10/14/19, 8:00PM MDT



If you missed the Final session of the 3A State tournament last year,  do you even like wrestling?  It was one of the most electric sets of 14 matches all year.  A sea of maroon in one corner swinging gold towels trying to drown out the tide of red and white from the other corner. If those two weren't trying to outshout each other,  black and gold clad fans yell over maroon or red and blue.  You have overtime upsets by freshmen, first-round pins by definite underdogs,  dads jumping out of the stands to celebrate titles,  performances where young men go out, toe the line and go to work like so many of their neighbors from the blue-collar towns that produced them and hard-fought battles to win elusive state championships that dominate the dreams of young men in small communities across the state.  All in all, it's the best bang for your wrestling buck, and if you're not at UVU on that Saturday night in February, you should be.

3A Teams

JUAB Wasps

Coach: Joel Holman

Location: Nephi, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 194.5

Returning Placers: 7

Morgan Trojans

Coach: Dustin Rock

Location: Morgan, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 142.5

Returning Placers: 5

Emery Spartans

Coach: Justin Thornley

Location: Castle Dale, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 137.5

Returning Placers: 6

Delta Rabbits

Coach: Skyler Porter

Location: Delta, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 119

Returning Placers: 5

South Sevier Rams

Coach: Dustin Nielsen

Location: Monroe, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 106

Returning Placers: 5

American Leadership Academy Eagles

Coach: Tucker Ray

Location: Spanish Fork, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 98

Returning Placers: 2

South Summit Wildcats

Coach: Cole Sanderson

Location: Kamas, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 96.5

Returning Placers: 4

Richfield Wildcats

Coach: Joe Deluca

Location: Richfield, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 71

Returning Placers: 2

Manti Templars

Coach: Ryan Fowles

Location: Manti, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 

Returning Placers: 1

North Sanpete Hawks

Coach: Brian Strain

Location: Mount Pleasant, UT

Division: B

Returning Points:  60

Returning Placers: 1

Grantsville Cowboys

Coach: Clarence Evans

Location: Grantsville, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 52.5

Returning Placers: 1


Coach: Brent VanTassell


Division: A

Returning Points: 42

Returning Placers: 2

Union COugars

Coach: Regan Hunsaker


Division: A

Returning Points: 35

Returning Placers: 2

Carbon Dinos

Coach: Brock Fausett

Location: Price, Ut

Division: B

Returning Points: 17

Returning Placers: 0

KARL G. Maeser Prep LIONS


Location: LINDON, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 17

Returning Placers: 0

San Juan Broncos

Coach:  Steven Simpson

Location: Blanding, UT

Division:  A

Returning Points: 14

Returning Placers: 1

Grand County Red Devils

Coach: Dennis Wells

Location: Moab, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 9

Returning Placers: 0



  1. Will Korth (So.) Morgan
  2. Jess Christiansen (So) Emery
  3. Dayson Torgerson (Fr.) Richfield
  4. Sage Mortimer (Jr.) ALA
  5. Kole Johnson (So) Grantsville
  6. Kaden Ercanbrack (So.) Juab


  1. Blake Woolsey (So.) Morgan
  2. Keaton Sperry (Jr) Juab
  3. Dwain Farley (Jr) Emery
  4. Shayden Taylor (Jr) Delta
  5. Westin Hagman (So) Union
  6. Mason Gardner (So) South Sevier


  1. Denim Torgerson (Jr.) Richfield
  2. Lukus Carrillo (So.) ALA
  3. Byron Christiansen (So.) Emery
  4. Waylen Pentz (Jr.) Morgan
  5. Richard Jenkins (So) Union
  6. Jacob Ewell (jr) Emery


  1. Joseph Mecham (Sr.) Grantsville
  2. Korby Christiansen (Sr) Emery
  3. Maverik Caldwell (Sr) Delta
  4. Jarin Allen (Jr) Emery
  5. Taigon Bushell (So)South Summit
  6. Adrian Lemus (Sr) North Sanpete


  1. Connor Ingram (Sr.) Juab
  2. Jarett Jorgensen (Sr.) Morgan
  3. Thomas Coates (Sr) Grantsville
  4. Drake Mangum (Jr) ALA
  5. Trey Butler (So) Delta
  6. Bryce Judd (Jr) Carbon


  1. Channing Warner (So.) Juab
  2. William Haight (So) Summit Academy
  3. Jarron Campbell (So) Morgan
  4. James Oveson (Jr) Emery
  5. Joshua Jackson (So) Delta
  6. Jacob Day (Jr) Grantsville


  1. Triston Fillmore (Sr) South Sevier
  2. Jayden Petersen (Sr) Delta
  3. Ryker Ogden (So) Richfield
  4. Landon Burke (Jr) San Juan
  5. Chase Ingram (Fr) Juab
  6. Ty Tolley (Sr) Delta


  1. Spencer Belinski (Sr) Morgan
  2. Bryar Meccariello (Jr) Emery
  3. Will Harmon (Fr) Juab
  4. Kurtus Nielsen (Sr) Delta
  5. Jett High (Sr) South Sevier
  6. Kadon Christiansen (Sr) ALA


  1. Cade Bowring (Sr.) Juab
  2. Tanner Belinski (Jr) Morgan
  3. Austin Chase (Jr) Delta
  4. Cale Miner (So) ALA
  5. Aiden Mortenson (Jr) Emery
  6. Isaac Rees (Jr) Morgan


  1. Damon Mayfield (Sr) Manti
  2. Tate Willoughby (So) Delta
  3. Hayes Dalton (So) Emery
  4. Jaxin Torgerson (Jr) South Sevier
  5. Holden Petty ( Sr) Morgan
  6. Ridic Migliari (Sr) Carbon


  1. Charles Watts (Sr.) Juab
  2. Taylor Hunt (Sr) South Sevier
  3. Luis Rodriguez (sr) North Sanpete
  4. Szion Gibson (Sr) Emery
  5. Chance Toone (Jr) Morgan
  6. Jordan William (So ) South Summit


  1. Jake Jackson (Sr.) Delta
  2. Justyn Mitchell (Jr) ALA
  3. Brice Clegg (Jr) South Summit
  4. Cadence Ross (Jr) Union
  5. Laramie Roberts (Jr) North Sanpete
  6. Colin Nay (Jr) Grantsville


  1. Blake Mangelson (Sr) Juab
  2. Braden Howard (Jr) Emery
  3. Chris Good (Jr) South Sevier
  4. Xander Lindsey (Jr) South Summit
  5. Jaden Kalbetony (Sr) North Sanpete
  6. Spencer Colburn (Sr) Manti


  1. Shan Jackson (Jr.) Juab
  2. Nephi Antillon (Sr) South Summit
  3. Kemmer Jones (Sr) South Sevier
  4. Kayden Atwood (Sr) Summit Academy
  5. Jason Henningson (Sr) Manti
  6. Eric Taylor (Sr) Juab 


The Juab Wasps are the prohibitive favorites to win another State Title this year,  they are a solid team that could challenge any in Utah.  They return 50 more points than any other team and bring in the best freshman class in the classification.  The battle for second place might be the most interesting.  Can a young Morgan make a run?  They gained a lot of experience last year and outperformed expectations. Can Emery take home a trophy?  They've been on the outside looking in for a long time,  is this the year that they take that next step towards establishing themselves as a serious title contender?  While those two options are a very real possibility,  It has been a long long time since Delta has traveled home from a State Tournament in February without a trophy on the bus.  With a Coach Porter back at the helm, the Rabbits will look to carry on the tradition that current coach Skyler's Grandpa Jim Porter started 50 years ago.

What to Watch For:

First off, watch out for the underclassmen.  There are many Freshmen that could make a big impact, and not just at 106, though at 106, Dayson Torgerson will look to follow in Denim's footsteps, and win one as a Freshman.  In his path though are two tough sophomores in Will Korth and Jess Christiansen who placed last year, and game competitors in Sage Mortimer, Kole Johnson and Kaden Ercanbrack who will push Dayson, not to mention Andrew Fox who is just outside of the rankings at 106.  If he is up to weight, look out, he is as good as they come.


Lukas Carillo will look to win #2 if he is doing so at the Same weight as Denim Torgerson, watch out.  Carillo v Torgerson could be one of the best matches in 3A this year.  Let’s hope it happens early and often. 


Sophomore Channing Warner will also look to make it 2 in a row. After his epic win in the finals last year, he will look to distance himself from the competition and establish himself as one of Utah’s elite. 


Warner will be joined in Juab’s room by Chase Ingram and Will Harmon.  This pair of Freshman will battle it out at 145 and 152 where they will run into senior State Champ in Triston Fillmore and finalist Spencer Belinski.  These two Freshman may struggle early on, but look for them to make some noise in February


At 170, a pair of Sophomores will look to start on their path to 3.  Delta’s Tate Willoughby will try to match his older brother’s 3 Titles. Hayes Dalton’s older brother won a title for Emery.  He did so with a win over Manti’s Damon Mayfield.  Will the Dalton brothers go back to back against the Templar or will the Rabbit jump in and take the title? 


 One of the biggest questions in 3A is where Jarett Jorgensen will go.  Will he be at 132 and battle against Juab’s Ingram.  Will he be up at 138 and a rematch against Warner?  Another option, 126 and a showdown with former teammate Joseph Mecham who’ll be wearing Grantsville Black and Red this year. 


Other wrestlers to watch:

Cade Bowring of Juab will likely cruise to a third title, can he make his mark on the Utah wrestling scene,  he is a phenomenal athlete and could be a great addition to a college room. 


Jake Jackson of Delta will look to make his mark as well, he will look to follow up his junior year title with a second this year.  Can he get a big win or two and rise into the Beehive 25? 


Who else can make an impact?  Let us know in the comments.