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2A Preview

By USA Wrestling Utah, 10/10/19, 12:00PM MDT



Last year Millard’s team was one of the best teams in Utah.  They had a solid showing at every tournament they went to and brought home an 18th State Title and future Hall of Fame Coach Blake Turner’s 8th as the head coach of the mighty Eagles.  Millard graduated a lot of points, but they tend to reload quickly.  It will take a lot for the Eagles to return to the top of the podium.  Leaving the door open for the favorite Altamont to make it 9 as a school, and Coach Sanderson’s 10th.   Altamont might follow the Eagles in representing the 2A Classification as one of the best teams in the State.  This might be one of the best Altamont teams ever.  Weird to think, considering that this is the first team in a long, long time without a  Foy leading the way.   If not the Longhorns, Robbie Bradshaw and Beaver could make history.  The wild card in 2A is the Monticello Buckaroos, who are coming off of 2 straight 1A titles will look to follow Altamont in winning their first year in the new classification. Coach Kent Adair has led the Orange and Black to 4 titles, don’t count him out of a 5th.    


2A Teams

Altamont longhorns

Coach: Steve Sanderson

Location: Altamont, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 208

Returning Placers: 8

Beaver Beavers

Coach: Robbie Bradshaw

Location: Beaver, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 194

Returning Placers: 8

North Summit Braves


Location: Coalville, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 187

Returning Placers: 8

Monticello Buckaroos

Coach: Kent Adair

Location: Monticello, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 140

Returning Placers: 8

Duchesne Eagles

Coach: Ken Lym

Location: Duchesne, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 129

Returning Placers: 7

Millard Eagles

Coach: Blake Turner

Location: Fillmore, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 108

Returning Placers: 7

Enterprise Wolves

Coach: Andy Messersmith

Location: Enterprise, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 94

Returning Placers: 4

North Sevier Wolves

Coach: Barry Smith

Location: Salina, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 72

Returning Placers: 3

Gunnison Bulldogs

Coach: Kelly Moysh

Location: Gunnison, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 69.5

Returning Placers: 4

Parowan Rams

Coach: Wyatt Robison

Location: Parowan, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 52

Returning Placers: 2

Kanab Cowboys

Coach: Blaine Wheeler

Location: Kanab, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 26

Returning Placers: 1

APA Draper


Location: Draper, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 0

Layton Christian Eagles

Coach: Terry Allen

Location: Layton, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 0

Utah Military Academy Cadets


Location: Riverdale, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 0



1 Bowdy Larsen (So) Duchesne

2 Tristan Smith (Jr) North Summit

3 Paxton Christensen (Jr) Monticello

4 Hagan Mayer (Fr.) Beaver

5 JB Skewes (So) Duchesne

6 Garrett Jensen (Jr) Gunnison


1 Ethan Crittenden (Jr.) N. Summit

2 Hector Martinez (Sr) Millard

3 Douglas Evans (Fr) Beaver

4 Hagen Orton (So) Parowan

5 Jace Christensen (Jr) North Sevier

6 Kyson Hollingshead (So) Beaver


1 Caleb Leavitt (Jr.) Enterprise

2 Mack Bray (So.) Millard

3 Bronson Richins (So) North Summit

4 Cael Skewes (Sr) Duchesne

5 Trexton Bailey (Jr) Beaver

6 Luke Browning (Jr) Kanab


1 Ethan Clayburn (Sr.) Duchesne

2 Brevin Olson (Jr) Monticello

3 Tezlin Winn (So) Gunnison

4 Cameron Dickson (Sr) Altamont

5 Statler Wright (So)Beaver

6 Braydan Robles (Sr) North Sevier


1 Brian Evans (Jr.) Beaver

2 Easton Richens (Jr) Altamont

3 Gavin McCowen (Sr) N. Summit

4 Randy Stewart (Jr) Gunnison

5 Dusty Clayburn (So) Duchesne

6 Ulric Sutton (Sr) Layton Christian


1 Ryker Pentz (Sr.) N. Summit

2 Tristan Farnsworth (jr) Altamont

3 Kaleb Sanchez (Jr) Duchesne

4 Alex Hollingshead (Sr) Beaver

5 Braxton Messersmith (Jr) Enterprise

6 Jaxon Verduzzco (Jr) Duchesne


1 Brock Edwards (Sr.) Beaver

2 Carson Sheets (Jr) Altamont

3 Dillan Wheeler (Jr) MONTICELLO

4 Riggin Boger (Fr) Altamont

5 Colin Skewes (Sr) Duchesne

6 Kyler Johnson (Sr) North Sevier


1 Dean Thompson (Sr.) Altamont

2 Josh Whitaker (So) Millard

3 Robert Musselman (Jr) Monticello

4 Kaleb Barney (Sr) Beaver

5 Colt Ekker (Sr) North Sevier

6 Hunter Tullis (Jr) Enterprise


1 Hunter Joseph (sr) Beaver

2 Heston Murdoch (Sr) Altamont

3 Zach Cecil (Sr) Monticello

4 McCoy Beal (Jr) Altamont

5 Dahlance Smith (Sr) North Sevier

6 Bryton Langston (Sr) Beaver


1 John Whitaker (Sr.) Millard

2 Tyler Schuern (Sr) North Summit

3 Cort Raddon (Jr) Beaver

4 Gabe Wilcox (Sr) North Sevier

5 Robert Clark (Sr) Enterprise

6 Jed Degraffenried (Jr) Millard


1 Danny Garcia (Jr.) Millard

2 Talon Belnap (Jr) Gunnison

3 Matagi Faavale (so) North Summi

4 Chase Adams (Sr) Enterprise

5 Sheldon LeBaron (Jr) Beaver

6 Angus Bulloch (Sr) Parowan


1 Ryker Blackburn (Sr.) Duchesne

2 Cash Robb (Jr.) Altamont

3 Dixon Bagley (sr) Enterprise

4 Dylan Bartlett (Jr) Beaver

5 Colin Adair (Jr) Monticello

6 Davis Bracken(Jr) Enterprise


1 MacIntyre Thacker (Jr) Altamont

2 Joshua Hasemeyer (Sr)Parowan

3 Zech Deherrera (Jr) Millard

4 Grant Reynolds (Sr) Duchesne

5 Dillon SLack (Sr) Monticello

6 Aurelina Garcia (Sr) Beaver


1 Carson Peterson (Sr.) Gunnison

2 Kyler Boren (Jr) Beaver 

3 Chase Dawson (Jr) North Summit

4 Eldean Lammert (Sr) Monticello

5 Colten Burch (Sr) Enterprise

6 Tye O`Hanley (Jr) Enterprise


This year’s team race will be close.  Only 14 points separate the Longhorns and the Beavers in returning points.  Could Trexton Bailey who missed the postseason due to a broken leg help push the Beavers to the top?  Will Riggin Boger a Longhorn Freshman who spent countless hours in the Beaver room prior to moving, be the difference for the Longhorns?  No doubt about it, the race will be tight.  Look for these two to challenge each other every step of the way!  It will not come as a surprise if the title is in play late into the night in February.  The Beaver faithful will hope that Junior Kyler Boren will have a chance to seal the deal to close the night in the last match of the year. 

What to Watch For:

There are many interesting match ups from an individual perspective,  none more than the potential showdown at 170.

Tyler Schuern of North Summit and John Whittaker of Millard both returning champs, both ranked in the Beehive 25 and both holding down the #2 and #3 ranked wrestlers in all of Utah.  Last year at the 2A Duals, Whittaker beat Schuern 4-3.  Schuern didn't lose after that, including a Rumble title.  

At 126, Clayburn and Brevin Olson will face off.  Olson is a 2-time champ and looks to follow McKay Foy winning 2 in 1A and 2 in 2A.  Standing in his way this season is Ethan Clayburn from Duchesne who beat Olson last year at the Juab Winter Classic.  

Brock Edwards beat Carson Sheets in the Semis of State last season.  Both are slated to be 145 this season.  If so, they will battle multiple times in the year and seem to be on a collision course for February.