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1A Preview

By BWG, 10/06/19, 11:30PM MDT



Only 3 Schools in the 1A classification have a gold trophy in the halls of their school.  Panguitch has 2.  In Junction,  Piute has 3.  All of the rest, 16 total are in Bicknell Utah, in the halls of Wayne High School.  Altamont, Duchesne, and Monticello have took turns winning in recent history.  With all of them in 2A, its time for someone else to take their turn.  Can someone new start a dynasty? Will Panguitch or Piute add to the trophy case, or will Wayne resume dominance? 

1A Team

Panguitch Bobcats

Coach: Colin Marshall

Location: Panguitch, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 161

Returning Placers: 8


Coach: TBA

Location: Milford, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 116

Returning Placers: 

Rich Rebels

Coach: Rick Larson

Location: Randolph, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 96

Returning Placers: 

Wayne Badgers

Coach: Gordon Ellett

Location: Bicknell, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 89

Returning Placers: 


Coach: Kyson Larson

Location: Junction, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 63

Returning Placers: 


Coach: Calbert Lameman

Location: Monument Valley, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 39

Returning Placers: 

Tintic Miners

Coach: Mike Tromble

Location: Eureka, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 37

Returning Placers: 

Whitehorse Raiders

Coach:  Sheldon Blackwater

Location: Montezuma Creek, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 25

Returning Placers: 

Diamond Ranch Diamondbacks

Coach: Dallin Beard

Location: Hurricane, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 24

Returning Placers: 

Telos Titans

Coach: Cory Rokovitz

Location: Orem, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 12

Returning Placers: 

Bryce Valley Mustangs

Coach: Shawn Mortensen

Location: Tropic, UT

Division: B

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 

Water Canyon Wildcats

Coach: Drew Mills

Location: Hildale, UT

Division: A

Returning Points: 3

Returning Placers: 



1  Jesse Peterson (Jr) Wayne

2 Thomas Marshall (So) Panguitch

3  Juan Gaspar (Sr) Milford

4 ------------------------


1 Joseph Trujillo (Sr) Rich

2 Ricardo Pena (Jr) Piute

3 Aaron Saunders (Jr) Wayne

4 Ben Jensen (So) Bryce Valley


1 Porter Schoppe (Jr) Panguitch

2 Mason Skiby (Jr) Rich

3 Jack Snyder (So) Piute

4 Gabriel Thompson (So) Panguitch


1 Jax Coburn (Jr) Piute

2 Corgin Conk (Sr) Rich

3 Kash Beeler (Jr) Wayne

4 Christian Rangel (So) Milford


1 Trevor Barlow (Jr) Wayne

2 Keller Siddoway (Jr) Rich

3 Lincoln Trapp (Jr) Piute

4 Quaid Thompson (Fr) Milford 


1 Blake Barnes (So) Milford

2 Travis Gifford (Jr) Rich

3 Austin Petersen (Sr) Rich

4 Korbin Atkin (Jr) Panguitch


1 Wylee Fawson (Sr) Panguitch

2 Jace Edwards (Jr) Wayne

3 Troy Evans (Sr) Panguitch

4 Caleb Lameman (Jr) Monument Valley


1 Casek Hardy (Jr) Milford

2 Ethan Crofts (Sr) Panguitch

3 Nuley Cornia (Jr) Rich

4 Cairo Housten (Sr) Panguitch


1 Tanner Tsinigine (Sr) Monument Valley

2 Kyle Heaton (Sr) Panguitch

3 Kevin Bridges (Sr) Panguitch

4 Chase Beesley (Jr) Bryce Valley


1 Hunter Marshall (Sr) Panguitch

2 Colton Hislop (Sr) Rich

3 Calvin Holm (Jr) Milford

4 Gage Christensen (Sr) Tintic


1 Bryson Barnes (Sr.) Milford

2 Bryan Hurtado (Sr) Piute

3 Amos Nocki (So) Whitehorse

4 Owen Larson (Sr) Tintic


1 Chance Atwood (Jr) Tintic

2 Justin Adams (So) Rich

3 Brennon Austin (So) Piute

4 Colton Johnson (Jr) Rich


1 Jacob Oldroyd (Sr) Wayne

2 Wade Christensen (Jr) Panguitch

3 Weston Kunz, (Sr) Tintic

4 Porter Trapp (Jr) Piute


1 Ike Keller (Sr) Milford

2 Daniel Ayala (Sr) Wayne 

3 Fernando Morales (Jr) Whitehorse

4 Wyatt Tebbs (Jr) Panguitch


In 2000, Frank Houston led the Panguitch Bobcats to a tie in the State finals with perennial 1A powerhouse.  A few years earlier in 1997, Panguitch had won its first title ever.  This year, 20 years after the last title, Panguitch has the chance to do it again. Their biggest competition: the Milford Tigers, who have never won a State Title.  Both teams return a team capable of making some noise in February.    Early on, the Tigers look capable of challenging, but a lot will depend on Panguitch’s  Colin Marshall’s ability to fit kids into his line up.  If he can separate scorers then the title is the Bobcat’s to lose.

What to Watch For:

The 1 A division has crowned more 4X State Champions than any other Classification.  According to the UHSAA Record Book, the following individuals won 4 Titles, all in 1A

Bryant Anderson, Wayne, 1999-2002 (119, 125, 135, 145)

Kyle Bell, Piute, 1994-1997 (112, 119, 135, 152)

Trent Bell, Piute, 1990-1993 (119, 130, 140, 145)

Aaron Butler, Monticello, 2005-2008 (103, 112, 125, 135)

Bryson Foy, Altamont, 2007-2010

Kyle Foy, Altamont, 2010-2013

Rylee Foy. Altamont, 2012-2015

Brandon Moat, Duchesne, 1990-1993 (112, 119, 130, 135

Roger Smith, Piute, 1992-1995 (103, 112, 125, 130)

McKay Foy won the first 2 of his 4 titles in 1A for Altamont but the last two were in 2A. It has been a long time since there was no one in 1A who had a chance or was on track to accomplish this feat.  Brevin Olson of Monticello won a title at 113 his Freshman year and last year at 120 he won his second. Monticello moves to 2A this season and this Buckaroo will have a chance to do what Mckay Foy did.  Can he? 

Among current 1A wrestlers,  Jax Coburn and Porter Schoppe, both Juniors, have a title apiece.  Coburn of Piute beat Schoppe of Panguitch their freshman year in the finals at 106.  Shoppe won at 113 last year, but Coburn's shot at making it 4, 4 Timers at Piute was derailed by Brevin Olson 4-2 last February at the Sevier Valley Center.  Both will have a chance to join the 20+ others who have won 3 titles in 1A. 

Is there a Freshman that can come in and win a title this year and start a run?  If so let us know in the comments.