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2017 Team Utah Gear - Open for purchase online

05/12/2017, 2:30pm MDT

2017 Team Utah gear is now up for sale online!!  The gear below will be used for all national teams (West Regionals, Fargo, Duals except for the singlets. We have different singlets that will be used for the duals and Fargo). Once you order the gear online it will take 12-14 business days to receive your gear that will be shipped to your home.

Please Note**Girl's cut singlets, compression shorts, and leggings are towards the bottom. The hood, shirts, sweats, fight shorts, socks, jackets, gear bag are for both girls and boys. 

Click on the images below to purchase your gear or click on the link to look at all the gear. 

Singlet size chart

Youth Sizing (The same for boys & girls)

  • S: 35-50
  • M: 50-70
  • L: 70-90
  • XL: 90-100

Adult Sizing (Men)

  • XS: 100-115
  • S: 115-135
  • M: 135-160
  • L: 160-185
  • XL: 185-220
  • XXL: 220-285

Adult Sizing (Women)

  • XS: 95-110
  • S: 110-135
  • M: 135-160
  • L: 160-185
  • XL: 185-220
  • XXL: 220-285

Blue Team Utah Singlet (Personalization Optional)

Team Utah Hoodie (Grey, Red, Blue)

Team Utah Blue Socks

Red Socks

Coaches Polo (Grey, Red, Blue) (Personalization Optional)

Team Utah Sublimated Shirts (Grey, Red, Blue)

Team Utah Red Singlet (Personalization Optional)

Team Utah Compression Shorts (Red, Grey, Blue)

Team Utah Fight Shorts (Blue, Grey, Red)

Team Utah Jacket (Grey, Red, Blue)

Team Utah Sweats (Grey, Red, Blue)

Team Cinch Bag (Personalization Optional)

Girl's Team Utah Blue Singlet

Girl's Team Utah Leggings

Girl's Team Utah Red Singlet

Girl's Team Utah Compression Shorts

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